A comprehensively equipped workshop is essential for the efficient production and restoration of wooden organ components. Soundboards, action, casework and consoles are all made to the highest standard in order to ensure a sensitive key action and reliable operation. Many components in an organ are made of wood, including some pipes, most of the action components, as well as traditional single-rise bellows, which regulate the pressure and give the organ its lungs.

In order to ensure that the timber is of ideal moisture content, we have our own computer-controlled dehumidification chamber, through which all our timber is put to reduce the humidity to a slightly lower level of moisture than we actually require. It is then removed and allowed to rest for a period of months in a humidity-controlled environment, which allows the moisture content to rise again slightly. This method of treating the timber gives it the quality of material that has been air-dried for many years. As well as making it more stable, it also makes it milder and easier to work.

All our timber comes from suppliers who have guaranteed that it is sourced from forests where a managed reforestation programme is in operation. A large variety of timbers are used, each being the most appropriate to its purpose.