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Very nice web site, liked very much the discussion part. I would like to ask you where I can buy lead tubes for tubular pneumatic organs.
Robert Buhagiar
Zabbar, MALTA - December 25, 2000 at 10:07:41

I have not yet managed to see anything on the site but an impressive list of comments about things and organs that they HAVE seen! Hope to find my way in!
Nicholas Sturridge
Bedford, Beds UK - December 24, 2000 at 16:43:07

hi john ,now im finally on line just thought i'd check out the site!!looks good.
william barrowcliffe
- December 17, 2000 at 23:30:09

A great site, John, congratulations to all concerned. Hopefully look forward to speaking with you soon.
Alan Goulding
Melton Mowbray, UK - December 01, 2000 at 22:13:23

Very well put together website, I have had the pleasure of hearing the Saint Ignatius Loyola Church Mander organ in action, as played by Nancianne Parrella; pipe organs are very special instruments which must not be allowed to go the way of the dodo or the passenger pigeon!
Brian O'Connell
Manchester, NH U.S.A. - December 01, 2000 at 03:25:55

I'm still learning how to use this thing
chris farr
the hague, n.l. - Wednesday, November 29, 2000 at 11:09:00 (EDT)

What a well-planned site! I haven't seen very many organ-related sites that are so well-planned and pleasant to see. Beautiful photos and good information too. Thanks to Malcolm Wechsler for encouraging me to visit.
Jim Cook
Birmingham, AL USA - Saturday, November 04, 2000 at 17:31:43 (EST)

Excellent site, most informative.
Brian Willis
Worcester, U.K. - Saturday, November 04, 2000 at 16:57:50 (EST)

I so enjoyed your website! Very professional and most inciteful. Thanks for publishing it on the web.
Phillips M Burnett
Taylors, SC 29687 - Monday, October 30, 2000 at 16:25:59 (EST)

Excellent site, and fascinating! I learned so much. I followed the link from L'Hydraule. I play the piano, and I was able to play the old organ at St Hyppolite du Fort (Gard, France) when no-one was around!
Patrick Baines
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK - Sunday, October 29, 2000 at 20:40:36 (EST)

Ich habe mir gerade das prelude heruntergeladen und angehört, klingt bombastisch!! Die orgel in St. Ignatius Loyola, New York sieht fantastisch aus. Eure Website ist beispielhaft, gratuliere. Viele Grüße an Siegfried Auer. Eberhard Hilse
Eberhard Hilse
93161 Sinzing, D Germany - Sunday, October 29, 2000 at 07:08:00 (EST)

I helped my dad build trackers when a lad - now am director of music at a church in Spokane that is building a new church. I have been looking for information on mechanical vs electro-pneumatic installations - 2 man/20-25 ranks. Also the practicallity of a detached console (mechanical) and the differences in touch and "artistry" capable of each type of installation. Comments?
Fred Williams
Spokane, WA U.S.A. - Saturday, October 28, 2000 at 14:00:48 (EDT)

Excellent web site. I only wished I made more of an effort to practice the piano when I was boy. Oh well, at least I can play the CD player ! Keep up the good work. Ex chorister from St. John at Hackney 1970's. (Ron Withers was the Organist)
Robert Adlington
Romford, England - Thursday, October 26, 2000 at 09:04:20 (EDT)

Thanks for all the information. I play the piano.
Silvia Mul?
Esperanza, Santa fe Argentina - Wednesday, October 25, 2000 at 15:45:38 (EDT)

Greetings from an Organist in Australia. I am very impressed with St. Ignatius Loyola NY. I have a video of Howard Goodall playing it.
Robert C. Tobin
Paradise Point, Qld Australia - Sunday, October 22, 2000 at 20:47:13 (EDT)

Interesting web site - congratulations. Hi to Matt Fry - remember me ?
Richard Sheppard
Tunbridge Wells, Kent UK - Friday, October 20, 2000 at 15:57:31 (EDT)

Please can you tell me something about ABBOTT and SMITH ORGAN, periods 1870-1880. What is the composition of their swell mixture with the name Cornet on the upper board and what is the pipescale of the Piccolo 2'
dick den engelsman
goudswaard, the netherlands - Thursday, October 19, 2000 at 13:48:33 (EDT)

Please pass on my regards Renato Lucatello
Robert Hope-Jones
Hong Kong, China - Wednesday, October 11, 2000 at 04:01:36 (EDT)

Wonderful website. Cheers!
Brian-Paul Thomas
New Canaan, CT USA - Wednesday, October 04, 2000 at 10:22:28 (EDT)

I really like proper wind - pipe organs built for Churches. Has anyone any addresses where I could find manuscripts please?
Mike Underdown
Bracknell, England - Tuesday, September 19, 2000 at 10:11:48 (EDT)

I had the pleasure of playing the St. Ignatius organ about two years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. The action was light and responsive and the voicing was lucious. Thanks for the fine work you do...
J.R. Daniels
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Thursday, September 07, 2000 at 09:49:52 (EDT)

I saw the person with the last name Borghardt and it drew me to this site.
California, MO - Monday, September 04, 2000 at 00:00:16 (EDT)

Hi,John, I've learned to access a website at last. And what a website! I'm interested to know whether you answer all the questions, and if you do, how you cope with the ones like that enquiring about a house organ for under a hundred pounds. I hope you let them down gently! I'm glad so many young people take an interest.
- Friday, September 01, 2000 at 21:46:38 (EDT)

Great site! Keep up the good work!
Mandy Brayn
Salem, OH USA - Wednesday, August 30, 2000 at 18:07:28 (EDT)

I would like to compliment you on your excellent website. It was a pleasure reading about your company and its history. One thing I noticed, however, is a picture of wooden pipes with no description of how you make them (or aquire them). I am an organ builder myself. I recently joined my father in his business, and we are expanding from purely organ building to supplying high quality wood organ pipes internationaly. I would be very interested in finding out who your current supplier is. Conradulations on the FAH contract. Hope to here from you soon.
Benjamin Nolte
Milwaukee, WI United States of America - Tuesday, August 29, 2000 at 22:21:11 (EDT)

Hallo Siegfried. Wir sind drin. Eure Web-side ist super! Viele Grüsse auch an alle Kollegen vom Rest der Familie Auer
Dietrich Auer
Straubenhardt-Feldrennach, Germany B.W. - Wednesday, August 16, 2000 at 14:59:03 (EDT)

Greetings all at Mander. I am at this moment in time on the island of Ibiza, And in a internet cafe. So I thought I would catch up on the latest news on the organ front. Best wishes on been given the contract for the RAH. This instrument is long overdue for what must be a difficult restoration.
Ron Shillingford
Birmingham, United Kingdom - Wednesday, August 16, 2000 at 11:04:03 (EDT)

A fantastic amount of information and pictures, a site to revisit regularly!
Paul Carr
West Midlands, England, UK - Tuesday, August 15, 2000 at 16:37:08 (EDT)

univeristy in oman
Bahla, bahla oman - Monday, August 14, 2000 at 13:56:55 (EDT)

Dear Sir, With reference to my last Message on the Royal Albert Hall Organ, I apologise for not adding my e mail address to it. This doesnt really help - . with further Best wishes, Peter Charles.
Peter Charles
Liverpool, U K - Sunday, August 06, 2000 at 18:13:54 (EDT)

You are about to rebuild the second largest pipe organ in the United Kingdom, at the Royal Albert Hall,London. We recently unveiled a plaque in memory of W T Best, the organist to the Liverpool Corporation, at St Georges' Hall, Liverpool. Best was involved in the design of the R A H organ in collaboration with Father Henry Willis, the builder of that organ. Best was quite a character, and was remembered by many a dour anecdote - having an ascerbic sense of humour. The second largest organ in the UK will keep you people busy for a few years !! The problem is that you have to work on the renovation, whilst the R A Hall is in constant everyday use - no mean feat - Best wishes.
Peter Charles
Liverpool, Merseyside, U K - Sunday, August 06, 2000 at 12:50:07 (EDT)

What a great website. I must have spent at least an hour greedily taking in so many goodies. It really puts the site from the boys in Durham to shame. Having heard the Naxos CD of Howells music recorded at St John's College, Cambridge, it sounds like you've provided the college with a fitting successor to the previous instrument.
Jeremy Jones
London, UK - Saturday, August 05, 2000 at 12:34:10 (EDT)

wonderful to find so useful a page
d j hollingworth
huddersfield, - Friday, August 04, 2000 at 14:37:30 (EDT)

An outstanding web-site. Mander is not afraid to build instruments that can play all literature and are user friendly. If I want a Baroque organ, I will go to Germany! Keep up the fine work
Dr. David M. Kinyon
Indianapolis, IN USA - Thursday, August 03, 2000 at 22:25:29 (EDT)

What a beautifully laid out web site. I can't claim to have heard any of your organs, but if they sound as good as they look ....!
Keith Hodson
- Wednesday, August 02, 2000 at 15:37:52 (EDT)

I enjoyed hearing the Mander Organ at Chestnut Hill Presbyterian Church, Phila. PA A very fine instrument!!!!
Steve Henley
Doylestown, PA USA - Monday, July 31, 2000 at 12:39:05 (EDT)

Today was the first day I was compelled to look for your website and I am glad I found it. I have played the Organ in Princeton University Chapel many times and absolutely love what you have done with it. I have also played the Organ in Saint Ignatius Loyola R.C. Church and love that as well. I will enjoy having lessons at Princeton University Chapel with my new teacher David Messineo. Your organ building is absolutely fabulous. I hope we can do business sometime in the future. I love the website!
John A. Plesniarski
Bayonne, NJ USA - Sunday, July 30, 2000 at 09:17:59 (EDT)

It's a very interesting web site, very particular.
Daniela Botti
Brescia, I - Saturday, July 29, 2000 at 09:25:28 (EDT)

A fine site I have enjoyed my visit. I also listen often to the Ulster Hall organ Belfast,your restoration was masterful, pity it is not heard more often.
Ivan Millen
Bangor, NI United Kingdom - Saturday, July 29, 2000 at 07:54:25 (EDT)

I've bookmarked site so I can return to finish reading in all areas. Ron
Ron Olson
Muskegon, MI USA - Thursday, July 27, 2000 at 21:52:25 (EDT)

Have not looked at the website yet.
John V.A.F. Neal
Portland, OR USA - Thursday, July 27, 2000 at 09:54:12 (EDT)

Its a great website. I have a copy of the portfoilo to study and its a real treat to look at it, and see the great work that your company has done!
Jason dennsion
Sparta , Wi U.S.A/ - Monday, July 24, 2000 at 14:03:37 (EDT)

Thank you for your fascinating site. Among other things I'm impressed by your discussion board. I wish our Danish organ builders would do the same: open a discussion with the public.
Ole Olesen
Elsinore, Denmark - Thursday, July 20, 2000 at 01:54:55 (EDT)

Last night I visited your web site for the first time, and I fell in love with your organs. I printed my four favourite organs. The organ your firm built at the church of St. Ignatius in New York is a pristine work of art. I am 12yrs. old and I have just finished my first year of piano at level 2a. I will be sure to visit again. P.S. email me.
Daniel Ponder
Wake Forest, Nc U.S.A. - Tuesday, July 11, 2000 at 17:11:04 (EDT)

Beatyfull Site, love your Organs. I will visit again, looking for news. Please check out for dutch Organs: www.st-orgelcultuur-flevoland.nl Thanks!!
Sjaak van Leeuwen
Emmeloord, the Netherlands - Tuesday, July 04, 2000 at 09:21:33 (EDT)

Great site. Found you through the the Ring. Looking forward to seeing your new instrument in St. Louis!
John Powel Walsh
St. Louis, MO United States Of America - Tuesday, July 04, 2000 at 08:58:49 (EDT)

Thanks for the pages. We are beginning a restoration program and are interested in hints you may have on fundrasing! I'll soon post pages on the site listed in the URL.
David Flemming
Peterborough, NH USA - Thursday, June 22, 2000 at 22:45:24 (EDT)

I really enjoy visiting your site, beacause I would like to become pipe organ maker myself.
Danny Létourneau
Charlesbourg, PQ Canada - Thursday, June 22, 2000 at 21:06:33 (EDT)

Beautiful organs.
Danny Létourneau
Charlesbourg, QuPQ Canada - Thursday, June 22, 2000 at 21:03:23 (EDT)

Dear John, My former employers now allow retired employees to come into the employees' Cyber Cafe to see the wonders of modern technology. So I looked up your site - it's wonderful! It was a real delight to browse through your portfolio and see the wonderful colour photographs, some or which have been on the front cover of "Organists' Review", and to see all the details of someo the others that I have had the privilege of playing! Its fine to look through all this information, but I have to say that when I have made my choice, I prefer a proper printed brochure! Best wishes and thanks, Marcus knight, 14 June 2000
Marcus Knight
Chelmsford, - Wednesday, June 14, 2000 at 09:40:58 (EDT)

Hello John, I thought of reminding you that your website is really excellent! There is so much information about the going on of the company which makes it very interesting to read and to look at, also it gives the site a personal touch which I peticularly appreciate. I recently had the favour to make a CD on the organ of Rochester Cathedral, Kent and was from the very beginning struck by its sound. I think Mander has done a very good job here. Lots of greeting
Ton Reijnaerdts
Maastricht, Netherlands - Monday, June 12, 2000 at 16:53:23 (EDT)

Just to say what a beautiful organ the Chestnut Hill instrument appears to be from the photographs on your website. Also what a useful stop-list: I often wish that more people realised the value of two 2ft registers on any manual with a cornet decompose or Sesquialtera. So many modern Swells are spoiled by only having a 2ft flute - the Mixture then has an almost impossible task. And how refreshing to see a Quintaton style rank as the second 8ft on the Positive. They don't seem to be employed much these days, since strings have come 'in' again, but what a useful colour register one can be, if voiced with beauty and not on the 'dry' side. I can't wait to play/hear this organ; well done again! Paul Hale, Southwell Minster
Paul Hale
Southwell, Notts UK - Monday, June 12, 2000 at 14:49:48 (EDT)

Congratulations on a wonderful site!! For four years I have been listening to the Princeton Univeristy Organ when I attended Wetsminster Choir College. It is an absolutely fabulous instrument. Many organists have played there, but I think Joan Lippinott was the perfect match for that instrument. I also heard my new teacher, Thomas Murray, play on your other wonderful instrument at St. Ignatius Loyola in New York City. A triumph!!
Michael Diorio
New Hvaen, CT USA - Sunday, June 11, 2000 at 23:43:27 (EDT)

Most interesting! Restoring our Cathedral organ(Whitehouse) with the same idea of St Ignasius, English-based with a French influence - our proposed Great and Swell specifications are almost identical, with a very baroque Positif! So nice to know that we are on the right track! Salut!
Egbert R Guichard
Toowoomba, QLD Australia - Friday, June 09, 2000 at 23:53:27 (EDT)

You have a really excellent site, very interesting and informative! I had the pleasure to hear my brother play at Rochester Cathedral during recordings last month (Widor's 8th) and enjoyed listening to this beautiful instrument so much, such warm tones! I considered myself very lucky to be there! I believe you had the organ totally rebuilt in 1989, well you did a fine job! Only thing I find surprising, I can't find it listed in your portfolio, should it not be in there? The link is to my brother's site, he has a lot of info with many photographs of some Dutch organs & organbuilders from his area. Best wis
Maddy Swan
Elham, Kent, England - Wednesday, June 07, 2000 at 05:44:58 (EDT)

A quick return visit! Many congrats on the RAH project, I just wish the same could happen to St.George's Hall Liverpool, it has similar problems. The final 13 note chord of 'Litanies' at one of my gigs there last year made the whole lot slip down a bit, and that was without the 25 inch stuff (disconnected because of leakage 8 years ago) and without the octave and sub octave couplers on the Mirabilis! With all that as well I would of ended up in a different key. Did 'The Saint-Saens' at Canterbury Cathedral recently, which was fun, that organ sounds best from the console, if a little out of balance.
Tom Bell
Canterbury, - Sunday, June 04, 2000 at 12:00:35 (EDT)

Enjoy your descriptions of organ recitals. Cheers, Charles
Charles Stannard
- Wednesday, May 31, 2000 at 22:19:43 (EDT)

An English townhouse estate, what a site!
Ron Severin
Orange, CA USA - Wednesday, May 31, 2000 at 20:09:40 (EDT)

Enjoyable site,interesting and informative.
Merseyside, U.K - Saturday, May 27, 2000 at 18:31:17 (EDT)

Excellent site - very interesting! There are many fine instruments featured on your sites. I will return again soon.
Matthew Bason
Northampton, U.K. - Friday, May 26, 2000 at 12:55:03 (EDT)

I visited this website to find information on St Paul's Cathedral UK so that I could finish off my Year 12 studies for music (organ) at Catholic College Bendigo (www.ccb.vic.edu.au). I needed a photo of the organ as one of the pieces of music that I analysed was Grayston Ives' INTRADA which was played on the organ there for the Silver Jubilee of the Queen in 1977. Thanks a lot.
Timothy Holland
Newbridge, Vic Australia - Tuesday, May 23, 2000 at 01:11:08 (EDT)

Great website, will be meeting with Malcolm Wechsler next week and going to Manhattan to play at St. Ignatius Loyola and St. Agnes, who knows maybe a Mander will be the next instument for our church in Tarrytown. GARY
Gary W. Carr
Tarrytown, NY USA - Friday, May 19, 2000 at 14:05:33 (EDT)

An excellent site, and a plethora of kudos for an excellent job on the organ at St Ignatius Loyola. I have named this organ one of the 5 most notable installations of the 90s (please see my website above). My one hope is that someone someday will post a response to my message on the Discussion boards. All the best. Andrew
Andrew Weleschuk
Toronto, ON Canada - Wednesday, May 17, 2000 at 21:45:43 (EDT)

Hi, John, Havn't looked at your sight for some while now, so thought it must be time to catch up with the news, especially as I had been hearing stories about RAH - congratulations! Any news on Brum Town Hall, or maybe you should be asking me that! Anyway, as previously, I thoroughly enjoyed looking through your website, and will be sure to come back and visit again. Maybe one of these days I'll actually make it back down to St Peter's. Best wishes to all at the works. Mark.
mark j doust
birmingham, UK - Tuesday, May 16, 2000 at 20:12:36 (EDT)

Good site, lots of interesting information navigation around the site is easy and varied
Steve Robson
London, - Tuesday, May 16, 2000 at 07:33:14 (EDT)

Heard terrific raves from several people re Peter Sykes' recital at Chestnut Hill - I'm sure he really enjoyed the organ. Wish I could have been there!
Barbara Owen
Newburyport, MA USA - Monday, May 15, 2000 at 21:45:20 (EDT)

Once again Mander has come through with superb quality; this time it's your website. The organs, of course, are a given! I am doing research for a lecture on the Asian organ scene, a combination lecture/concert, and was wondering if you might have contact names to go with the instruments you have placed in Asia. Also, any dedicatory programs would be of interest as well. Hopefully, I will find music be Asian composers, both modern and, hmm... well, pre-modern. Many thanks for your assistance.
Bruce Cornely
Gainesville, FL USA - Saturday, May 13, 2000 at 11:19:22 (EDT)

It was a great pleasure to have found your website. The instruments which your firm has produced set a high standard which should be the goal of all organbuilders.
David McCain
Orlando, FL - Thursday, May 11, 2000 at 13:56:41 (EDT)

Hace tiempo que encontr?esta página Web, y me parece magnífica. Saludos para Santiago Muñoz Barbosa.
Jos?Antonio Peramos Díaz
Tarragona, Spain - Wednesday, May 10, 2000 at 06:41:30 (EDT)

I could do with a Mander organ out here ! Ex-Mander organist.
Nicholas Watkins
Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica - Saturday, May 06, 2000 at 17:08:38 (EDT)

Excellent website.
Rob Borghardt
Oostzaan, The Netherlands - Friday, May 05, 2000 at 16:01:16 (EDT)

your website was really helpful to me, because i had to do a project on st.inatius loyola,it is also very interesting,thanx a bunch michelle
mississauga, canada - Tuesday, May 02, 2000 at 19:34:26 (EDT)

interesting site
paul morley
cheshire - Thursday, April 27, 2000 at 20:35:11 (EDT)

Die Orgeldatenbank mit 97000 Orgeln und 3500 Photos grüßt alle Orgelfreunde.
Ransbach, D Germany - Tuesday, April 25, 2000 at 02:05:32 (EDT)

Great section called "portfolio". Extremely well presented.
Benson Ferrari
London, England. UK. - Sunday, April 23, 2000 at 13:50:22 (EDT)

Superb website - excellent information and high quality pictures. It's really great to see that there is still a top quality British organ builder about, when so many new organs in this country are foreign "off the shelf" jobs that can be bought in a shop ! I was taken by the St. Ignatius Loyola organ and the Japanese on in Urikami Cathedral. I've heard a snippet of the first on TV, is there any recording that you know of of the second? Regards Clive Barclay
Clive Barclay
Minehead, Somerset England - Sunday, April 23, 2000 at 05:37:58 (EDT)

"All thats best in organ building"
Malcolm Heath
Guernsey - Friday, April 21, 2000 at 18:26:37 (EDT)

Hello, again! Congrats on the Albert Hall contract. Best, wishes, Dave.
David Stevens
Bristol, England - Thursday, April 20, 2000 at 15:22:23 (EDT)

It's my first visit to your site. I am very impressed. It was nice to meet you earlier this year and look forward to developing a good working relationship.
David Wilson
Brandon, Suffolk, UK - Friday, April 14, 2000 at 03:47:42 (EDT)

I like the site !! hope to hear
Warren Blyden
NYC, NY USA - Thursday, April 13, 2000 at 19:10:14 (EDT)

I recognized the Mander name as I was reveiwing the list of sites on the Organ Web Page. Mr. Noel P. Mander re-tuned the pipes of the 'Handel' organ of Great Packington' especially for the late E. Power Biggs' recording of the 16 Handel Organ Concertos, (of which I currently am the proud owner the two LP volumes which will probably never be available on CD!!) This is a great website - I look forward to enjoying it!! The photo on the home page reminds me of the magnificent Schnitger organs of Holland and Germany!!! Beautiful work!! Regards, Chris Brosnahan
Chris Brosnahan
West Palm Beach, FL USA - Wednesday, April 12, 2000 at 02:31:00 (EDT)

SHEFFIELD, U.K. - Tuesday, April 04, 2000 at 13:42:28 (EDT)

thiene, italy vicenza - Tuesday, April 04, 2000 at 09:23:00 (EDT)

Great to visit your site and be able to discover the unique sounds of your instruments! Have seen your advertisement in 'Het Orgel' for the first time recently. International contacts in this area are very important!!
jeroen roffel
Nieuwerkerk a/d Y, Netherlands - Sunday, March 19, 2000 at 07:08:50 (EST)

I came across this very informative site almost by accident after looking for details on Chelmsford Cathedral. I have enjoyed all the material on display, and I hope to be a regular visitor. Roger Davies
Roger Davies
Aberdare, u.k. - Wednesday, March 15, 2000 at 18:38:01 (EST)

The photography of your work is itself inspiring. Thanks much for the site. I visit regularly just to look at the organs that you have built. Very impressive.
Randy Scott
St. Louis, MO 63104 - Monday, March 13, 2000 at 17:40:41 (EST)

Fantastic website - nicely illustrated and very informative.
John Hosking
Truro, England - Friday, March 10, 2000 at 20:22:16 (EST)

Congratulations! Very, very nice! Very educational! Wonderful pictures! Exceptional sound! Keep up the great work!
Jan Buck
Colorado Springs, CO USA - Thursday, March 09, 2000 at 16:36:44 (EST)

Bis ich alle die Grüsse gelesen hatte!!! Die Orgeln sind prächtig.
Geiser Erwin
BERN, BE Switzerland - Tuesday, March 07, 2000 at 04:43:29 (EST)

A very good web site! I am looking for a small house organ under ?00. Are ther any for sale.
Edward Mitchard
Oxford, England - Saturday, March 04, 2000 at 12:29:50 (EST)

Es grüßt die Orgel-Mitmachdatenbank
Ransbach, Germany - Friday, March 03, 2000 at 02:10:05 (EST)

looking for a lost uncle who lived in st. pete
james senn
palm harbor, fl 34684 - Sunday, February 27, 2000 at 22:40:14 (EST)

Greatly enjoyed the St Paul's organ during the 300 anniversary recitals in 1997.
Matthew Young
Canterbury, UK - Saturday, February 26, 2000 at 12:13:45 (EST)

I so much do appreach the many excellent pictures of the larger pipe organs you had possible to review, which I do am at my leasure time. All information about the organs, and the colored pictures I print out on by Lexmark 3200 I keep o
maurice h.lary
canton, il usa - Thursday, February 24, 2000 at 20:19:02 (EST)

John Scott's 1990 recording of the complete works on Durufl?first exposed me to Mander organs. So impressed was I that I had to learn the Soissons Fugue. Now I wish I had a Mander on which to play it!
Paul Gockel
Port Carling,, Ont Canada - Wednesday, February 23, 2000 at 17:28:03 (EST)

I understand you're building something in a Presbyterian church in Germantown. I look forward to hearing in upon completion. I find it reassuring that a British company is maintaining the French Romantic tradition in organ building!
John T. Myers
Lansdale, PA USA - Tuesday, February 22, 2000 at 18:57:21 (EST)

I have only heard Mander instruments in recordings. The sound is magnificent and I look forward to playing one of your organs in the near future. The website is great, well thought out and easy to get around. The visuals are very impressive. Are there any Mander instruments in Ohio?
Jeff Goodwin
Columbus, OH United States - Monday, February 21, 2000 at 22:31:24 (EST)

Excellent website! I have been lucky enough to play about five of your wonderful organs so far (if you count reconditioned ones like Canterbury Cathedral), including the sparkling new ones in the Cathedral here at Chelmsford. My favourite so far has to be Eton College Chapel, and it looks like I'm going to be spending more time on it as I'm going there as a 6th form music scholar in September! Thanks again for your fantastic work.
Michael Phillips
Chelmsford, Essex UK - Sunday, February 20, 2000 at 17:59:28 (EST)

Many thanks for an extremely informative and interesting website. My dad is going to be SO annoyed with the phone bill I must have run by spending so much time here!
David Stevens
Bristol, England - Sunday, February 20, 2000 at 10:29:51 (EST)

I was here - a novel experience. I am new to the web and relative new to computers and a 'wanna be' organist. I will visit in the future
Dean Gover
Torrance, CA USA - Saturday, February 19, 2000 at 00:06:46 (EST)

A Beautiful Site
Bob Leonard
Ridgecrest, CA. USA - Wednesday, February 16, 2000 at 22:37:37 (EST)

BAYTOWN, TX UNITED STATES - Wednesday, February 16, 2000 at 01:02:21 (EST)

A beautiful as well as most informative web site. Thanks for your care and attention to this tool. Fred Beal, Chicago
Fred Beal
Chicago, Illinois USA - Wednesday, February 09, 2000 at 19:21:33 (EST)

Thanks for the updates on the Messiaen recitals at Saint Iggy's.
NYC & Milford, PA, USA - Friday, February 04, 2000 at 11:51:05 (EST)

I was just looking through this Web Page. I play the ogran at my church in La Jolla,California on Sunday nights for the 6pm service. I just wanted to say,"Hello" to every one.
Escondido, Ca USA - Friday, January 28, 2000 at 01:17:25 (EST)

Hello again Daddy How are you? I got your message and it is my pleasure! Annabel
London, England - Wednesday, January 19, 2000 at 07:56:07 (EST)

Hello Daddy, I can access your website from school. It's great.
London, England - Tuesday, January 18, 2000 at 08:40:01 (EST)

Excellent site.
Stuart Scrutton
Huddersfield, UK - Saturday, January 15, 2000 at 11:18:36 (EST)

Thanks for a user friendly website. I've bookmarked it!
Annette Albrecht
Richardson, TX USA - Tuesday, January 11, 2000 at 12:20:35 (EST)

Dear Mr. Mander, The Chestnut Hill instrument is going to be gorgeous. I am happy to have the Church use our Johannus Rembrandt 3000 AGO until the installation is complete. Wouldn't a dual organ concert be fun for all!
Charles L. M. Nelsen
Ardmore, PA USA - Monday, January 10, 2000 at 16:06:35 (EST)

A Happy & Prosperous New Year not only to all at NPM but to organ builders everywhere who visit this site!
Michael Latham
Nothampton, England - Sunday, January 09, 2000 at 10:21:31 (EST)

Are there any Mander organs in Australia?
David Hall
Brisbane, QLD Australia - Friday, January 07, 2000 at 01:24:42 (EST)

We are looking for a replacement for our tired electronic. There are no Mander organs in Texas, as far as I'm aware.
John Bedford Johnson
El Paso, Tx U.S.A. - Monday, January 03, 2000 at 18:41:58 (EST)

Browsing through The Organ Wed Page. Organist at First Lutheran Church, Florala, Alabama.
Darryl W. Balius
DeFuniak Springs, Fl USA - Thursday, December 30, 1999 at 12:57:47 (EST)

A first-class site - very interesting and informative. I played the organ at Peatree Church some years ago when I was at school - now it has been restored and given the Mander touch I must visit again to see and hear it!
Andrew Lane
Southampton, England - Wednesday, December 29, 1999 at 07:31:15 (EST)

Dear Mr Mander. It is such a pleasure to be able to spend time viewing such a high quality and most informative web site.Being a keen follower of the pipe organ, this site has helped me greatly, with my understanding of, and also futhering my knowledge of the pipe organ. Such high quality sites are a rareity! You are to be commended for your continuing efforts and committment to the "on-line" pipe organ world! Thank you.
Philip Hampton
Matlock., Derbyshire. Great Britain. - Thursday, December 23, 1999 at 14:01:29 (EST)

Keep up the fine organbuilding. Looking forward to your work in the future.
Wayne & Joe Burcham-Gulotta
Brooklyn Heights, NY USA - Wednesday, December 22, 1999 at 20:12:22 (EST)

Many greetings from a German organ friend !!!
Christoph Hanke
Darmstadt, D - Tuesday, December 21, 1999 at 05:09:30 (EST)

Hallo Mr Mander. I have looked at your site and enjoyed reading the information. I would like to work with you again when you visit Oman. My best wishes to you. Rashid.
Rashid Salim
Muscat, Oman - Friday, December 17, 1999 at 12:39:42 (EST)

great site
Robert Burns
Richmond, VA USA - Saturday, December 11, 1999 at 12:34:04 (EST)

Can we please have one like Princeton for the chapel here ?
Allen Hall Seminary, Chelsea
London, UK - Wednesday, December 08, 1999 at 16:24:57 (EST)

I thoroughly enjoyed all the information on your fine website and wish you the best in your continuing endeavors to provide magnificent pipe organs in the future.
steve bournias
warren , oh usa - Wednesday, December 08, 1999 at 14:21:49 (EST)

I just had the pleasure of seeing and hearing your instrument in St. Ignatius Loyola demonstrated ably by Malcolm Wechsler. I am very impressed excellent work.
David McPeak
Brookline, MA USA - Sunday, December 05, 1999 at 12:54:04 (EST)

Magnificent instruments with a great name!
Richard H. Mander
Lisle, IL U.S.A. - Sunday, December 05, 1999 at 02:44:40 (EST)

I've just visited the site to find out a bit more about Mander Organs as I've been getting some advice on tin pest in organ pipes from John Pike Mander for a report I'm writing for The Directorate for Cultural Heritage in Norway. Thanks again for all the kind help. Very nice website too!
Anne Bjørke
Oslo, Norway - Wednesday, November 24, 1999 at 02:51:27 (EST)

I've just visited the site to find out a bit more about Mander Organs as I've been getting some advice on tin pest in organ pipes from John Pike Mander for a report I'm writing for The Directorate for Cultural Heritage in Norway. Thanks again for all the kind help. Very nice website too!
Anne Bjørke
Oslo, Norway - Wednesday, November 24, 1999 at 02:50:52 (EST)

Dear John Just having a final look at the company webb page before flying off to USA (Chestnut Hill). It still looks as good as ever. I hope all goes well in Japan if you leave before I get back. Les Ross
Les Ross
- Saturday, November 20, 1999 at 17:24:13 (EST)

Greetings to all at NPMander Ltd. My first visit to the website comes just three weeks after my move to America. I must say that the sight of 'my' wonderful Mander organs in Chelmsford Cathedral gave me a touch of homesickness! Nothing nearly as good here - but its early days yet!
Dr Graham Elliott
Washington , DC USA - Thursday, November 18, 1999 at 16:59:13 (EST)

Fabulous web page! Great info! Bye!
Wayne Gretzky
- Wednesday, November 10, 1999 at 16:20:09 (EST)

The organ is the King of Instruments. Soli Deo Gloria.
James Heidecke
Riverside, CA USA - Tuesday, November 09, 1999 at 09:34:51 (EST)

Look forward to keeping in touch
Michael Watson
Manchester, Ct USA 06040 - Wednesday, November 03, 1999 at 18:56:32 (EST)

I love the facade of the organ at Loyola. Can't wait to hear the organ live. Saw a bit of it on TV.
Antoni Scott
Mount Bethel, PA - Tuesday, November 02, 1999 at 20:49:02 (EST)

A very informative site. I look forward to visiting it again.
Nigel Nash
Bristol, UK - Thursday, October 28, 1999 at 14:56:43 (EDT)

I heard of the sad news that Michael Gillingham had died. A good friend and protagonist of the pipe organ, in the 1960's I gave many recitals on Mr Mander's organs at his instigation. He will be sadly missed. John Foss
John Foss
Katerini, Greece - Thursday, October 28, 1999 at 02:09:50 (EDT)

Magnifique site Internet. J'aimr*erai en trouver beaucoup d'autres de qualit?équivalente. Est-il actualis?régulièrement?
Jean Aubry
Soisy sous Montmorency, 95 France - Wednesday, October 27, 1999 at 16:27:41 (EDT)

Hello All sitting around computer Visiting you Hello
home, England - Sunday, October 24, 1999 at 17:22:36 (EDT)

interest in all types of organ. repairer of all types of electronic organs
robert mosley
nottingham, england - Saturday, October 23, 1999 at 14:38:35 (EDT)

My brother (Simon Leach) is an organist, but he hasn't got a computer, so I thought I'd say hello to everyone on his behalf.
Ben Leach
London, UK - Sunday, October 17, 1999 at 23:08:11 (EDT)

Excellent and interesting site... unfortunately my sound card is broken so I can't hear if your audio is working, so I shall have to come back at another time!
Stephen Barker
Canterbury, Kent England - Saturday, October 16, 1999 at 18:48:23 (EDT)

Wonderful homepage for everyone, who has lost his heart in organs.
Steffen Sauter
Bretten, D BW - Friday, October 08, 1999 at 15:50:59 (EDT)

Great website. Congratulations.
Nicholas Burt
Rugby, England - Tuesday, October 05, 1999 at 14:11:36 (EDT)

Hi John, What a very impressive web page. I am so VERY excited about playing the newest Mander instrument soon....and not having to go very far to do it! Regards....
Scott Atchison
Atlanta, Georgia USA - Friday, October 01, 1999 at 11:15:02 (EDT)

Now at Balsham Parish Church, Linton Deanery.Wish we had the Bustan organ here! Regards R.
Richard Skinner
Cheveley, UK Newmarket - Saturday, September 18, 1999 at 18:17:36 (EDT)

Beautiful website and organs. I look forward to playing a Mander organ someday
Russ Litchfield
Whittier, CA USA - Saturday, September 18, 1999 at 00:43:59 (EDT)

Hello John! Couldn't resist leaving a message having at last mastered some of the basics of the internet at Queen Victoria School in Dunblane where I now teach having spent a very pleasant ten years in Switzerland. I always follow your organ-building news with great interest and was delighted to drop in on your excellent website. Kindest regards, Peter.
Peter Onslow
Dunblane, Scotland - Wednesday, September 08, 1999 at 13:13:51 (EDT)

Great website. Keep up the good work!
Wayne & Joe Burcham-Gulotta
New York, NY USA - Wednesday, September 01, 1999 at 22:01:49 (EDT)

I am not the a great organist, but I am infatuated by the sound and mechanics of the pipe organ. I own two pipe organs a Organcraft 3 rank 11 stop, two manual and pedal made in 1965 Pittsburgh, Pa and a Gottfried 1903 rebuilt in 1929, 25 rank 3 manual and pedal. I am in the process of incorporating the two organs in the basement of my modest home. I am not moneitarily wealthy but have an avid desire to complete the total rebuild of the Gottfried. I tell this to encourage others to pursue their dreams, it can be done!
Stephen D. Brown
Clinton, PA USA - Saturday, August 28, 1999 at 23:02:45 (EDT)

I am secreatray of the Gloucestershire Organists'Association adn browsed you site for interest.
Brian Basham
Cheltenham, England - Friday, August 27, 1999 at 04:38:40 (EDT)

Classy site! I am impressed with the amount of thought which is given to each installation. Cheers!
Joel Gardner McKay
Manchester, NH USA - Monday, August 23, 1999 at 21:33:14 (EDT)

Hallo John, es ist mind. 25 Jahre her. Vielleicht erinnerst Du Dich? Beckerath/Hamburg. Deine Seite ist toll. Gru?Harald
Harald Gatke
Hamburg, - Sunday, August 22, 1999 at 13:04:24 (EDT)

Not bad maybe someday you will reah the top of the mountian like me. I,am sure you will ge there.
raphael manders
madison, wi dane - Saturday, August 21, 1999 at 23:05:48 (EDT)

I recently was lucky enough to play both St.Giles Cripplegate and St.Andrews Holborn . Although I admit I wasn't overly keen on St.Giles, St.Andrews is FANTASTIC. An organ certainly worthy of it's location at the 'HQ' of the RCO. It's probably also the most powerful 2 manual I've ever played! The 'Undulant' is a novel device, is it unique? Best Wishes, Tom
Tom Bell
Canterbury, UK - Wednesday, August 18, 1999 at 07:14:02 (EDT)

I recently played the Princeton Chapel Organ, my mother is a dean there. I was baptized in the chapel and remember distinctly when the organ was restored. It is truly a beautiful instument. Thanks.
Jacob Morrow
Princeton, NJ USA - Thursday, August 12, 1999 at 14:08:51 (EDT)

Hi.John, Excellent site you have, and stunning work. Best wishes to all especially to those who may just remember me! Good luck.
Chris Gander
- Wednesday, August 11, 1999 at 08:44:06 (EDT)

Many thanks for such an excellent site dedicated to pipe organs
John Hinckley
Bedfordshire, UK - Saturday, August 07, 1999 at 13:31:41 (EDT)

I love your instruments!
Kirk Rich
Evansville, Ind. USA - Saturday, August 07, 1999 at 10:51:07 (EDT)

A very nice site with some beautiful instruments. Keep up the great work. Aaron
Aaron J Warren
Wood Dale, IL USA - Thursday, August 05, 1999 at 08:23:12 (EDT)

Complimenti per lo splendido sito! Ora vado a visitarlo ancora.Sono orgoglioso di essere un mander anch'io!
amedeo mander
solimbergo, italia - Thursday, August 05, 1999 at 01:52:30 (EDT)

I will tell everybody about your site. I ve nearly lost myself! For a crazy of organs like me, it was realy great! Thank you very much! With organ wishies!
Murray-robertson Thomas
Lausanne, Switzerland - Wednesday, August 04, 1999 at 17:14:59 (EDT)

Your outstanding work as an organbuilder is exemplified in your website. Well done!
Michael Proscia Organbuilder, Inc.
BOWDON, GA USA - Thursday, July 29, 1999 at 11:12:22 (EDT)

An excellent website. I've enjoyed your instruments very much!
Thomas Brown
Litchfield, Connecticut USA - Wednesday, July 28, 1999 at 13:02:19 (EDT)

I was among a small group of people visiting you a few years ago. You really made us feel welcome. Our group was even having a lengthy trial all by ourselves on one of your London instruments. That was very enjoyable - thank you! I believe you have since delivered a smaller instrument to Stavangers cathedral. I remember you were all pretty excited at the time about a project that was your grandest by far until then - I suppose that was the New York organ. (I for my part was also excited about your advanced use of Macintosh computers...) I enjoyed listening to your mp3 sample. That sounded very good indeed. Congratulations! And congratulations on a splendid website as well.
Leif Ree-Pedersen
Stavanger, Norway - Saturday, July 24, 1999 at 19:27:48 (EDT)

Dear Sir: Yours is the first e-mail I have sent out. I am a retired Col.retired from the army nurse corps,one of the male nurses. While getting my graduate in nursing I managed to talk the university into take work on the MS level and not put it in my transcript of grades. I have moved about every 3 1/2 years and have chances of play many 4 manual instruments and also to hear they beautiful organs around the states and overseas, your being one of the most beautiful I have come acrossed. Many thanks for the organs you have built here and in England, beautiful they are to hear, one that I have enjoyed the most is St. Paul's Cathedral in London. Col.(Ret) Maurice H. Lary
Col.(Ret) Maurice H. Lary
Cuba, Il u.s.a. - Thursday, July 22, 1999 at 16:33:02 (EDT)

Enjoyed very much your well designed website. I am Organist at St. Caecilia Kirche in Munich. Unfortunately I never played your instruments, but I was able to hear your tremendous organ at New York St. Ignatius. Congratulations!
Christoph Hauser
Munich, Germany - Friday, July 16, 1999 at 09:50:00 (EDT)

Hello, a very informative site with nice photos. I have enjoyed hearing several of Mander's instruments in the Washington DC and New York City areas. As an acoustical consultant, I always enjoy working with church committees and organ manufacturers in helping to design an appropriate space for the King of Instruments.
Neil Thompson Shade
Falls Church, VA USA - Tuesday, July 13, 1999 at 19:40:31 (EDT)

My name is Haruka Nishino. I am a student of university. I met John and Geoff in Toyonaka. I went to Toyonaka church and moved very much. Thanks to John and Geoff, I had a good time there. Thank you.
Haruka Nishino
Toyonaka, Japan - Tuesday, July 13, 1999 at 12:08:25 (EDT)

I like organs and the music played on them.
Michael Becker
25335 Elmshorn, Germany - Tuesday, July 13, 1999 at 08:15:25 (EDT)

Being as my last name is MANDER and searching for Genealogy,I usually check out all with that name no matter where I contact the name.. Thank you ==maybe there is a connection as my family came from England in the 1800s +++++
Robert J Mander
Glendale, AZ USA - Thursday, July 08, 1999 at 23:50:41 (EDT)

A most interesting and impressive site to visit as an organ enthusiast. My congratulations and best wishes for your future success in your many ventures.
Don Davis
Greenford, Middx U.K - Tuesday, July 06, 1999 at 17:05:50 (EDT)

Congratulations on a wonderful website! Its quality matches that of your instruments as I recall them from my time at Oxford and London. I had the privilge of seeing, hearing and playing some Mander organs of that era (the 1960's) and had the honour of spending a good deal of time with Noel Mander at St. Peter's Organ Works. At the time I was involved with an organ project at St. Mark's School, Bishop's Palace Road, Fullham. Although semi-retired now, I still run a small pipe organ shop to keep my hand in.
Ross Trant
Wellington, ON Canada - Tuesday, July 06, 1999 at 10:12:42 (EDT)

Very nice web site, was very impressed with your instrument in St Johns college Cambridge when I played there on 5th May Matthew Gardner (Assistant Organist Lancaster Priory) Age 17
Matthew Gardner
Lancaster, Lancs United Kingdom - Wednesday, June 30, 1999 at 06:55:38 (EDT)

Very nice site. Enjoyed reading other visitors comments.
Tom Ray
Atlanta, GA USA - Sunday, June 27, 1999 at 15:36:43 (EDT)

Thanks for a great site! Very interesting and informative as well.
Adam Zagotti
Salem, OH USA - Saturday, June 26, 1999 at 11:08:00 (EDT)

Wonderful, inforrmative site. Very enjoyable visit
Bern Bevenour
Spring Grove, Pa USA - Sunday, June 20, 1999 at 13:17:11 (EDT)

Congratulations on the web site it was very informative about the different organs being produced around the world. I am a organist at three churches plus I play at the Cathedral on occasions, and it is good to hear about bigger instruments around the country.
Scott Angell
Plymouth, England - Monday, June 14, 1999 at 05:44:55 (EDT)

Excellent article on the Skinner Organ @ Christ Church Cranbrook.
David Raines
Boston, MA - Friday, June 04, 1999 at 11:56:32 (EDT)

Your website is tremendous. Your attention to detail even on the internet is indicative of the magnificent organs you build. I had the great fortune of hearing your instrument at St. Ignatius Loyola, NY, at the AGO centennial convention. Continued success and good fortune to you. Brian
Brian J. Foos
Dearborn, MI USA - Friday, June 04, 1999 at 10:11:21 (EDT)

I have been enamored of pipeorgans since childhood, and am so happy the Mander Company has placed organs in this coun- try. While I have not personally heard one of your instru- ments yet, the moment I do so for the first time awaits me with the greatest of pleasure.
Reginald M. Dean
Omaha, NE USA - Tuesday, June 01, 1999 at 16:19:46 (EDT)

First of all, I want to compliment you on your splended web site. I am a singer here in New York, but have been in love with the pipe organ since I was a child. I know Kent Tritle and was fortunate to have attended David Higgs' inaugural recital on the instrument at St. Ignatius Loyola. I'm a particular fan of the 19th & 20th century French works for the organ, and its thrilling to hear on that instrument. The pedal reeds are hair-raising. In addition, its one of the most beautiful organs that I've ever seen. Its an important addition to the organs here in NY. Congratulations! What a great way to earn a living, creating such beautiful works.
Robert Mobsby
New York, NY USA - Friday, May 28, 1999 at 13:28:36 (EDT)

This is the first time I have explored your wonderful website, however, I have been exploring the wonderful organ at Princeton University Chapel since October, 1998, when I was appointed assistant university organist. It is a great joy to play on a regular basis, as the assistant plays for nearly 150 weddings and memorials, and 22 Sunday Services. Everyone always loves hearing and seeing the organ, and chapel visitors regular tip-toe up to the console, especially the children. What a wonderful instrument! Thank you.
Robert McDermitt
Princeton, NJ US - Monday, May 24, 1999 at 02:41:35 (EDT)

A most informative site. I have always admired the rebuilt Chichester Cathedral Organ for its superb tonal qualities, and I have enjoyed exploring its specification on your site. I hope that you will continue to enhance the great tradition of English Organ Building.
Gavin Argent
Chichester, England - Friday, May 21, 1999 at 19:04:47 (EDT)

A most informative site. I have always admired the rebuilt Chichester Cathedral Organ for its superb tonal qualities, and I have enjoyed exploring its specification on your site. I hope that you will continue to enhance the great tradition of English Organ Building. Gavin Argent
Gavin Argent
Chichester, England - Friday, May 21, 1999 at 19:04:01 (EDT)

Nice site.
Rick Williams
St. Paul, MN USA - Wednesday, May 19, 1999 at 12:51:48 (EDT)

Dear Mr J. P. Mander Having thoroughly enjoyed your website, I was just wondering if you had any plans to make your company a little less spectacular in the near future. I'm finding it very difficult to compete. Hope to meet you soon. Yours sincerely Andrew Fearn
Andrew Fearn
london , - Sunday, May 09, 1999 at 15:20:31 (EDT)

I am a church organist who is interested in learning more about different types of organs(mainly pipe organs) and the various stops that can be found on different organs. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about you company.
Jonathan Riddle
Auburn, AL United States - Friday, May 07, 1999 at 01:34:47 (EDT)

Can anyone send the e-mail address of the only supplier of "organbenches" I could find when searching at www.altavistac.com. (A Swedish organ builder, who has not specified his e-mail address, but only a word in Swedish about "asking"
Torbjørn Kjeka
Stavanger, Norway - Wednesday, May 05, 1999 at 11:05:51 (EDT)

I have noticed the small choir organ you have built in Stavanger Cathedral. I think that since you have managed to built a pull-out keyboard, you could perhaps also think about making a keyboard that could be playable not only in the completely pulled out position. I want to see manufactured a new keyboard that I can pull enough towards my body so that I won`t have to stretch my shoulders as much as I have to when playing the L. Heggen+ H. Ivers organ at Soma cemetry. See my homepage about organbenches at http://home.sol.no/~s-idland/Torbjoern
Torbjørn Kjeka
Stavanger, Norway - Wednesday, May 05, 1999 at 10:46:49 (EDT)

None at the present time
Antoni Scott
Mount Bethel, Pa - Wednesday, April 28, 1999 at 21:13:43 (EDT)

Once again on your page: it has become even more fantastic!! Congratulations, John. It's rather the best and most informative organ site, I know. And - it's quick, too!! Greetings from Vienna, Ewald
Ewald Donhoffer
Vienna, Austria - Monday, April 26, 1999 at 16:53:54 (EDT)

I visited your site today, and I was very impressed how informative it is. Please forgive me for copying all of it concerning the organ and its history to show it to my friends! (I am a church musician - organist, choir conductor) in Vienna. Many thanks!
Gertraud Stiskal
Vienna, Austria - Sunday, April 25, 1999 at 00:31:26 (EDT)

From one mander to another!!!!!
Keith Mander
Honey Creek, Iowa Pottawattami - Saturday, April 17, 1999 at 20:29:21 (EDT)

Well done on an excellent site. Very informative. I do hope I get another chance to play one of fine instruments.
Richard Batty
Bury, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire UK - Saturday, April 17, 1999 at 07:13:44 (EDT)

A fine site. It is a pleasure to see such cratfsmanship, and a bigger pleasure to play the results. May the real instruments live longer that the transient electronics!
Richard Batty
Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire UK - Saturday, April 17, 1999 at 07:07:29 (EDT)

LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ USA - Saturday, April 17, 1999 at 01:29:38 (EDT)

By the way, I am 13 years old.
Samuel Austin
- Friday, April 16, 1999 at 11:38:40 (EDT)

Hello to all at Mander. Unfortuanately, my email has crashed so this is why I have used this. I am organist at 2 churches in Huyton. St Michael - 3 manual excellent United Reformed Church 2 man ual rubbish bin. (the great wuz robbed) Please could you send me your full colour brochure as advertized in the Organists review my address is: Cyprus Cottage 32 Roby Road Roby (nr. Huyton) Liverpool England L36 4HF
Samuel M. Austin
Liverpool, Merseyside England - Friday, April 16, 1999 at 11:34:12 (EDT)

Thank you Malcolm for allowing me to play the magnificent organs at St Ignacious Loyola and St Agnes in New York yesterday afternoon. It was indeed a privilege. Congratulations John, you've done it again and you may you continue to build the finest pipe organs for many more years to come. Also, well done for an excellent website which has now been added to my list of 'favourites'. The discussion board is a great feature. Very best wishes Michael
Michael Davis
Guildford, UK - Thursday, April 15, 1999 at 08:37:55 (EDT)

First visit of your site, certainly not the last visit! Your site is just as good as the very impressive instruments of your company I know 'personally':Rochester, Cambridge and Chichester.Greetings from Holland!
Aart de Kort
Leidschendam, Holland - Tuesday, April 13, 1999 at 16:44:43 (EDT)

Thanks for very useful information, especially the stop list. I was able to printout the specifications of the organ before driving down from Guildford to play Choral Evensong with Pennthorpe Choir.
Dr David Marriott
Guildford, England - Saturday, April 10, 1999 at 17:06:34 (EDT)

Just to complement you on a great site you have!
Andrew West
March, CAMBS, United Kingdom - Saturday, April 10, 1999 at 03:59:16 (EDT)

First visit, looks good: you are building our new organ!
Nelson Moury
Philadelphia, PA Montgomery - Thursday, April 08, 1999 at 11:05:07 (EDT)

fröhliche ostergrüsse von familie zu familie!!!
feldmeilen, switzerland - Saturday, April 03, 1999 at 13:46:23 (EST)

Hello Siegfried, i tried to do it in english but i think its better to do it in german. Gratulation, Super Home-page! Habt ihr schon alle Orgeln im Internet? Viel Spa?beim Orgelbasteln und frohe Ostern wünscht dir dein Bruder Dietrich.
Dietrich Auer
Straubenhardt-Feldrennach, BW Germany - Monday, March 29, 1999 at 14:12:03 (EST)

PLease send and information.
Dr. Kenneth M. Dean, Jr.
Balto, MD - Thursday, March 25, 1999 at 21:19:51 (EST)

Excellent site! Special regards to Geoff McMahon
Richard Dunster-Sigtermans
Bath, England - Tuesday, March 23, 1999 at 08:46:33 (EST)

An outstanding visit. I shall insert a dedicated link in the new Nottingham & District Society of Organist site! (www.prima.net/nottsorgsoc). Some sounds would be appreciated.
Dr DJ Henry
Nottingham, - Sunday, March 21, 1999 at 02:55:00 (EST)

Congratulations on this wonderful site! Prof. Calimerio Soares, Ph.D. Composer, harpsichordist, organist and president of the "Associaøão Brasileira de Organistas" (Brazilian Association of Organists).
Calimerio Soares
Uberlandia, MG BRAZIL - Sunday, March 14, 1999 at 15:45:03 (EST)

Dear John, Congratulations on your new site!!!
- Tuesday, March 09, 1999 at 08:15:05 (EST)

A most impressive site. Thank you for sharing your talents with so many.
Patricia Messer
Farmington, NM US - Saturday, March 06, 1999 at 22:42:54 (EST)

LONDON, BRITIAN - Thursday, March 04, 1999 at 16:51:41 (EST)

Wonderful portfolio of instruments. Congratulations on your 2 NYC organs! Just sent you an e-mail; hope to contact you when in the UK after Easter. Best wishes.
Robert Plimpton
San Diego, CA USA - Saturday, February 27, 1999 at 00:27:52 (EST)

Lovely site! Such a distinguished guestlist. It's great to sense the cameraderie between fellow organ buiders.
Tim Eyles
Swindon, England - Friday, February 26, 1999 at 08:28:49 (EST)

Endlich gefunden. Eure Web-Seiten sind wirklich prima. Liebe Grüße an Siegfried und unbekannterweise an das ganze Team. Ulrike und Daniela
Ulrike Auer
Karlsruhe, Germany - Friday, February 26, 1999 at 08:01:43 (EST)

First visit!
Terry Jones
Birmingham, England - Thursday, February 25, 1999 at 05:15:53 (EST)

Very interesting and informative site.
Allen Moe
Highland, IL USA - Thursday, February 18, 1999 at 22:14:39 (EST)

Enjoy your site-please add me to any mailing lists for concerts, recordings, etc. Thank you!
Judson C. Williams
Selinsgrove, PA 17870 (USA) - Monday, February 15, 1999 at 08:43:33 (EST)

How wonderful it is to find an organbuilder that sticks to the facts of organbuilding, without experimenting with modern technological gadgets that do not work. God Speed Mander, and God speed the organists. With all my support and love, bombardethirtytwo
Robert Nish
Salt Lake City, UT USA - Saturday, February 13, 1999 at 22:34:44 (EST)

Look forward to contact with you. We anticipate a major new organ here in the near future.
Steven A. Isbell, M.D.
Fort Payne, AL USA - Saturday, February 13, 1999 at 13:41:45 (EST)

John, Good to see you site and all these folks who've been writing to you - as I already told you I'd look for today by the "old" (does that mean tracker action?) e-mail. Hope you can come see us here in the Pacific Northwest in April 1999! All best, John
John Brombaugh
Eugene, OR USA - Tuesday, February 09, 1999 at 16:33:22 (EST)

I read in Audsleyøs"Art of organ building" about a quarter tone organ built by (I donøt remember now)Harris or Smith.I ød like to know if this instrument still exists.Please E-mail me if there is information about it.Iøm organist and Accoustics teacher at the Mexico City Conservatory.Thanks.
Jesés Bernal
Mexico D.F., Mexico - Monday, February 08, 1999 at 21:11:17 (EST)

Iøve heard some of your organs(built or restored) in recordings by Simon Preston and E.Power Biggs.Congratulations!
Jesés Bernal
Mexico.D.F., Mexico - Monday, February 08, 1999 at 21:04:00 (EST)

Iøve heard some of your organs(built or restored) in recordings by Simon Preston and E.Power Biggs.Congratulations!
Jesés Bernal
Mexico.D.F., Mexico - Monday, February 08, 1999 at 21:03:57 (EST)

getting to know you
adrian bradshaw
manchester, - Sunday, February 07, 1999 at 11:28:39 (EST)

Why no music?
Howard Fee
Belfast, UK - Monday, February 01, 1999 at 17:52:25 (EST)

My wife, Katie, also played a Noon Day Recital on the Mander at Princeton, NJ USA. Practice time was limited but we drove two round trips of 1400 miles each from SC to NJ for the time available to practice. It was a thrill to hear her recital, February 28, 1996. Thanks to Shelley Huston for linking your site to hers. PEACE Ed Miller
Ed Miller
Camden, SC 29020 - Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 23:24:23 (EST)

SWANSEA, WALES - Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 16:57:04 (EST)

Dear mr. Manders, Thank you so much for your Christmas card. I' sorry for replying not earlier than now but I am recovering from a car accident just before Christmas (I am fine now). Anyway I wish you also a prosperous New Year! I just visited also your renewed web site. It looks splendid. I showed it already to some frines to wo were very excited. Again; what a nice presentation of your firm! For me it is a incentive to buy a sound card and a pair of loudspeakers. Yours Prosper Sevestre
Prosper Sevestre
Brouwershaven, NL - Monday, January 25, 1999 at 05:20:14 (EST)

Hallo, John ?I finally got myself online so where better to start than by visiting your site. Unfortunately the internet seemed very slow this afternoon (Saturday 23rd) so will have to come back for a better look another time.
Kenneth Tickell
Northampton, England - Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 11:19:52 (EST)

Beautiful instruments.
Steve Lawrence
Bernardsville, NJ 07924 - Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 12:38:10 (EST)

To all of my friends at St Peter's, I've only recently gone onto the "net", and thought I ought to visit you all. Enjoyed the visit, interesting and informative, keep up the good work, best wishes, Mark
mark doust
birmingham, uk - Monday, January 18, 1999 at 05:03:45 (EST)

Nice site
Laurence Shaw
Canterbury, UK - Friday, January 15, 1999 at 20:20:36 (EST)

greetings from Sidmouth Parish Church!!
Robert Millington
Devon, England - Friday, January 15, 1999 at 11:14:01 (EST)

Not only you do a great job re-building pipe organs, you do the same on Internet sites!! Well done!!
Mark Patterson
- Monday, January 11, 1999 at 04:40:28 (EST)

Came to see the Chestnut Hill Presbyterian Organ
Edie Marshall
Los Gatos, CA USA - Saturday, January 09, 1999 at 19:41:00 (EST)

Lieber John, Alles Gute zum neuen Jahr und Gratulation zur neuen Web-Site. Eine Anmerkung dazu: kursive Schriftzeichen finde ich auf Web-Sites etwas mühsam zu lesen, ansonsten ist das Lay-Out ausgezeichnet. Viele Grüße von GOArt Göteborg, Joachim
Joachim Walter
Göteborg, S - Friday, January 08, 1999 at 14:17:32 (EST)

Lieber John, ich bin tief beeindruckt von Eurer Web Site, sie ist sehr schön und übersichtlich aufgebaut, es macht richtig Spa? darin zu "blättern". Viele Grüße an die ganz Familie herzlichst Bettina
Bettina Brandis
Frankfurt, Germany - Wednesday, January 06, 1999 at 03:47:35 (EST)

Great Site for anyone interested in pipeorgans in general - I enjoyed the surf! Thanks.
Steve Kerley
Poole, Dorset, UK - Sunday, January 03, 1999 at 17:52:38 (EST)

A nice site. Became familiar with Mander Pipe Organs thanks to going to Loyola School, a Jesuit high school adjacent to St. Ignatius Loyola, NYC, which boasts a very impressive Mander Organ with an equally impressive organist, Kent Tritle. Hearing the organ played so masterfully by Mr. Tritle was a real pleasure and sparked my appreciation for organ music in general.
Washington, DC United States - Saturday, January 02, 1999 at 00:14:22 (EST)

Just revisiting your site as recommended by Mr.Mander. It's better than ever!! Having spent a lot of time at Canterbury Cathedral just before Christmas, I can't help wishing that the organ couldn't have been moved to a better position during the 1978 rebuild. Fine as the Nave section is - it isn't versitile enough for voluntaries, whilst the rest of the organ - tubas and all - is lost west of the central tower! Never the less, it makes a fine sound! Happy New Year to all at Manders. Tom
Tom Bell
Canterbury, England - Wednesday, December 30, 1998 at 19:08:29 (EST)

We continue to enjoy the Mander Organ here in the University Chapel. Monthly noontime concerts on Wednesdays are given by visiting organists from all over the country. I often refer to this website when visitors or oganists want to know more about the organ - it's a great website!
Rick Parks
Princeton, NJ USA - Wednesday, December 30, 1998 at 12:15:27 (EST)

Interesting and informative lay-out. Hope ours may be part of next revamp!
John Pinner
Tunbridge Wells, uk - Tuesday, December 29, 1998 at 09:39:32 (EST)

Dear John, This is a workmans hloiday but a most impressive site
Les Ross
- Saturday, December 26, 1998 at 15:48:02 (EST)

Dear Friends at Mander's, We wish you a safe and happy Holiday season. From all of us at Pipe Organ Artisans of Arizona, Inc. Grahame Davis
Grahame Scott Davis
Tucson, AZ USA - Saturday, December 26, 1998 at 12:03:33 (EST)

Congratulations on a splendid site! Now we all should to go to work and do likewise. Best wishes, Fritz
Fritz Noack
Georgetown, MA USA - Wednesday, December 23, 1998 at 22:21:03 (EST)

Lieber John, kurz vor Weihnachten habe ich Deine/Eure schöne Web-Seiten angesehen. ES ist großartig - mit so vielen Informationen und guten Fotos, meine Güte - welche Arbeit! Eine kleine Bemerkung noch zu den Portfolio, es wäre doch schön, wenn die Jahreszahl der Erbauung dort mit erwähnt wird. Zur Weihnacht wünsche ich Eurer ganzen Familie eine frohe besinnliche Zeit und für das neue Jahr viele schöne, freudige íberraschungen. Herzliche Grüße von Haus zu Haus. Dein Kristian
Kristian Wegscheider
- Tuesday, December 22, 1998 at 02:40:42 (EST)

Congratulations on a magnificent site. Hope to spend a more leisurely time perusing the site over the Christmas break. Best wishes. Chris Sillinc
Chris Sillince
Sydney, Australia - Tuesday, December 22, 1998 at 02:12:46 (EST)

Dear John: We enjoyed the Mander organ at St. Iggies this evening for the holiday concert. It was packed to the rafters, and no wonder! What a wonderful sound! We shall make this an annual event now. Indeed, we now want a Mander organ in the apartment, now that we've gotten rid of the kids. (But a bit smaller than the one at St. Iggies, please. At least, that is what our neighbors asked. Have a happy Christmas. (And thanks for making ours happier). Allen and Sally and Lelia and Edmund.
Sally Wardwell
New York, NY USA - Sunday, December 20, 1998 at 19:43:50 (EST)

Thanks for sharing your company with us. The history is quite interesting and the individual instrument sites are great browsing. I especially like the small ones; they are really beautiful. Although we are always glad to have another Mander instrument in the USA, we are especially grateful for your sending us Malcolm Wechsler who is always there with ready information. Thanks again for the great website -- great work!!
bruce cornely
gainesville, fl alachua - Sunday, December 20, 1998 at 14:22:33 (EST)

Hi Malcolm: Hip has done a beautiful job of redesigning your web site. The myriad of pictures are very spectacular. Now, just add a RealAudio clip of each one! I might mention that Malcolm has been extremely modest at taking credit in the nice frames of people who are responsible for the various Mander installations in the USA.
Dave Schutt
San Jose, CA USA - Sunday, December 20, 1998 at 13:24:41 (EST)

Excellent site! Perhaps the best organ site I've come across. Everything worked and the pix loaded quickly. Would love to see more of the St.Paul's organ.
Jeff Weber
Newton, IA USA - Sunday, December 20, 1998 at 10:39:46 (EST)

Wonderful sight. I will definately be spending some time here. All the best for a very happy and succesful New Year Ruth
Ruth Bird
Toronto, Canada - Saturday, December 19, 1998 at 13:00:52 (EST)

A most impressive web site. I shall seek out some of your instruments and make a point of hearing them. Thanks and best wishes!
Edward K. Dunham
Seal Harbor, ME USA - Saturday, December 19, 1998 at 11:32:11 (EST)

A very worthwhile site to visit. Thanks to you all for making it so interesting.
Bob Conway
Kingston, ON Canada - Saturday, December 19, 1998 at 04:19:06 (EST)

Your re-designed Web site is lovely, and the portfolio is especially pleasing; your stories of each organ are wonderful to read. Rich La Voie, organ restoration chairman Sacramento Memorial Auditorium Estey Concert Organ, Opus 2526 (1927)
Rich La Voie
Sacramento, CA USA - Saturday, December 19, 1998 at 00:58:22 (EST)

Your previous website was great, but this new one is even better. It is wonderful to have all this information about your splendid organs. The sound clip is lots of fun. It ran perfectly on my Pentium PC running Internet Explorer 4.0 and Real Player Plus 5.0. Congratulations once again on a job that sets a standard for all of us.
James Louder
Montreal, QC Canada - Thursday, December 17, 1998 at 22:40:32 (EST)

Bruce Buchanan
West Hartford, CT USA - Thursday, December 17, 1998 at 19:52:56 (EST)

Great site!
London, UK - Thursday, December 17, 1998 at 18:30:56 (EST)

Hallo John, hast mich mit Deinem E-mail animiert, mal in Deine Web-site reinzuschauen. Toll gemacht. Herzliche Grüße aus Lauffen! Christhard
Christhard Rensch
74348 Lauffen, BRD - Thursday, December 17, 1998 at 11:58:30 (EST)

Your new site is most interesting and informative. I have not given up hope that we may see a Mander organ in this part of the world!
Robert Coates
Haroy, Norway - Thursday, December 17, 1998 at 10:37:28 (EST)

John, The new site is splendid! I'm looking forward very much to a more leisurely perusal. All best wishes.
George R. Hubbard
Louisville, Ky USA - Thursday, December 17, 1998 at 09:03:10 (EST)

Very Nice Page!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pieter A. Visser Litt. D.
Houston, TX USA - Thursday, December 17, 1998 at 08:30:47 (EST)

I am an organ "enthusiast," studying for a doctoral degree in music composition at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This site is most wonderful for a person like myself, who, while he doesn't play the organ, is interested enough to take organ lit. courses and even start lessons! I have composed a "major" work for organ solo (so-called by Dr. George Ritchie, world renowned Bach organist) which will be given its world premiere in February, 1999. The work, titled, "Quadruptych," will be available for sale at my email address. Write for information after 2/99. I am currently at work on a set of short studies for organ, based on the north German Baroque style and the French Classical style of composition. Does Mander Organs publish CDs and/or music performed on its organs? If so, would you contact me? Keep up the great work on the site. It is most fascinating!!!
Rafael Mevorach
Lincoln, NE USA - Thursday, December 17, 1998 at 06:40:31 (EST)

A wonderful, comprehensive website. I know many Mander organs including Rochester Cathedral, U.K. and St. Ig's, NYC; but have a special place set aside for Magdalen, Oxford. Cheers!
Russell Jackson/Nativity Cathedral
Bethlehem, PA USA - Thursday, December 10, 1998 at 22:38:31 (EST)

im visited your webside and i find it very interesting. im a italian organist and im writing a story about italian organs builders called Zordan from Cogollo del Cengio (italy): unfortunately i havent books about english organs,can you help me?: can you show to me a title about english organs restoration? sorry for my little english musically yours alessandro casula
alessandro casula
thiene, italy thiene vicenza - Thursday, November 19, 1998 at 03:42:45 (EST)

Excellent, informative site. Well done!
Fraser Wilson
Norwich, Norfolk UK - Saturday, November 14, 1998 at 12:15:36 (EST)

I am organist of All Saints' Anglican Church in Rome - Italy I enjoyed my visit! I have played various Mander organs in UK and USA in recitals. My compliments!
Wijnand van de Pol
Amelia (TR), I Italy - Friday, November 06, 1998 at 03:28:08 (EST)

There are some very spectacular intruments of very significant quality on this website. I'm very curious to know about the St Pauls Cathedral Organ. The pedal section seems a lot smaller since you rebuilt the instrument,mainly the fluework. Is the pedal Open Diapason 16' borrowed from the no 1 great diapason 8' or the 16' great Diapason? I have played the organ at St John's Cambridge and I thought it was a remarkable and noble instrument indeed.
Kristian Andersen
Manchester, England - Wednesday, November 04, 1998 at 06:33:22 (EST)

Hi, one of the best thought out sites I've found. I can only re-iterate the views of my friend and fellow organophile Mike Chitty re the Canterbury and Rochester organs. Now all I need to do is win the National Lottery with 12,15,17,19,22,26 ??, buy the Dover Town Hall organ - 4 manual HNB now sadly neglected and with the console in storage? and ask your firm to rebuild what was once a superb example of this firm's work in the 1930'.
Doug Quinney
Folkestone, - Monday, November 02, 1998 at 19:14:04 (EST)

Congratulations! This is a very informative site. It is good to see such a fine tradition of organ building being preserved. What about some midi-files of famous instruments?
Jim Bryant
Canterbury, England - Sunday, November 01, 1998 at 11:53:08 (EST)

Great site! The best organ one I've seen yet! I haven't played a Mander yet, but I have heard the glorious sounds of St. Ignatius, and I hope to get a "hands-on" demonstration soon!
Jonathan Oblander
Queens Village, NY USA - Tuesday, October 27, 1998 at 15:43:38 (EST)

Very Imformative. Thanks. I am an architectural Acoustics Consultant, and I will refer potential organ clients to Mander.
Ian B. Hoffman
Oak Park, IL USA - Friday, October 23, 1998 at 11:53:28 (EDT)

Hy,here I am
- Friday, October 23, 1998 at 07:07:09 (EDT)

Thanks for a great page. Its very informative.
Brent Rhodes
Baton Rouge, La USA - Thursday, October 15, 1998 at 20:27:04 (EDT)

I enjoyed the site very much. I would be interested in seeing more about installations in the states so that I may visit them. On a related subject, do you have any ideas how aficionados of the organ (the real kind, with PIPES) could organise to fend off the onslaught of ersatz electronic instruments which are becoming all too common on this side of the big pond? I think we are in need of a marketing strategy. Thanks and best wishes.
Michael Clabough
Collegeville, PA USA - Saturday, October 10, 1998 at 01:46:09 (EDT)

Excellent site! Very elegant design and easy to find your way round. I will return and check out the portfolio when I have more time.
Eric Singleton
- Sunday, September 20, 1998 at 17:58:23 (EDT)

Great site - clean layout and no bugs !
Bruce Fletcher
Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire UK - Thursday, September 17, 1998 at 18:30:06 (EDT)

This page is wonderful. I am looking at this page in Tokyo. The book of a/the reed organ is not able to buy it at all in Tokyo. I want to know the history, structure, of a/the reed organ. Where are sufficient to you buy it? Please teach. I would be sufficient to able to buy it even except for Japanese.
kazuo murayama
Tokyo, Japan - Tuesday, September 15, 1998 at 03:10:32 (EDT)

An excellent site! Your work at Canterbury and St.Pauls, to name but a few, is magnificent but being a scouser by birth there is one organ that can never be beaten!!!!! Tom Bell, Organ Scholar, St.Edmunds School, Canterbury.
Tom Bell
Canterbury, England - Sunday, September 13, 1998 at 05:48:55 (EDT)

Very good site well done.
T.K. Martinez, D.M.A.
Rochester, NY USA - Saturday, September 12, 1998 at 20:57:47 (EDT)

The organ at Chichester Cathedral is wonderful - Well done
William Saunders - Assistant Director of Music at St. Michael's Church, Framlingham
- Monday, September 07, 1998 at 07:31:13 (EDT)

Mr. John Pike Mander: I am a young man who has a realy profound timeless fascination for organs. At this time I am looking here in Germany for a good company to learn organ building, but here normally they are just to purist and to "barrock" for my own taste. Any way, I want to ask you if you have maybe an available place in your company for a new apprentice, starting on the summer of 1999. In any case, if you have some advice about learning organ building, please let me now it!! Thank´s, sincerely yours, N. Alexiades Note: Very good web-site, I moust say!!.
Nicolas Alexiades
München, Germany - Saturday, September 05, 1998 at 07:48:36 (EDT)

Neil Weston said that you wanted my E-mail address and home address. PS. There seems to be an 'extra word' in the 9th line of the Chelmsford Nave organ description!!
James Kennerley
Essex CM5 9NU, ENGLAND - Monday, August 17, 1998 at 06:23:45 (EDT)

My friend, Bernard Bicknell, came back from England recently after seeing your factory. As a young organist, it is exciting to be able to visit sites like this. I look forward to being there in person soon.
Mark Patterson
Christchurch, New Zealand - Sunday, August 09, 1998 at 00:25:44 (EDT)

A suberb wedsite - I was head chorister at Chelmsford Cathedral and am very interested in organs and organ playing. I admire your skills to create two of the finest organs in England.
James Kennerley
Essex, England - Saturday, August 01, 1998 at 08:19:22 (EDT)

Dear Mister Mander, I visit your site yesterday for first time. It's a wonderful site. I am very interested in pipe-organs, specially St. Paul's Cathedral at London. With pleasure. René Koster
R. Koster
Gouda, ZH Netherlands - Tuesday, July 28, 1998 at 10:15:06 (EDT)

Greetings from david and pam wintle
david wintle
faversham, uk - Sunday, July 19, 1998 at 12:59:57 (EDT)

Thank you for a most interesting and informative visit. I have recently had the pleasure of hearing Gerard Gillen playing your rebuild at Canterbury Cathedral and Roger Sayer at another Mander rebuild at Rochester Cathedral - both were quite magnificent. I am looking forward to my next visit - to your website and to both organs!
Michael Chitty
Kent UK - Sunday, July 19, 1998 at 09:04:13 (EDT)

I had the privilege of playing the N.P.Mander Organ at the Churchill Memorial in Fulton, Missouri. It was wonderful, and the first time I played one of your organs. Thank you.
Ed Riggs
Center, MO USA - Monday, July 13, 1998 at 05:16:23 (EDT)

Test Posting
- Monday, July 13, 1998 at 01:46:11 (EDT)

Best wishes to you all! LF
Lance Foy Organ Builder
Truro, UK - Thursday, June 25, 1998 at 18:30:04 (EDT)

Please visit our web site to learn about our acclaimed multimedia musical dramatization, "Words of Albert Schweitzer and the Music of Bach." We look forward to having this production presented throughout the world. Right now we have interest from England, France and Denmark. We greatly appreciate hearing from all interested. Thurston Moore, President Tennessee Players, Inc.
Thurston Moore
madison, tn United States - Sunday, June 21, 1998 at 16:30:03 (EDT)

Unfortunately I have not yet seen the organ at St Ignatius, but seeing this page I will not miss the next concert
Ed Brown
Mt Vernon, NY USA - Saturday, June 20, 1998 at 16:59:21 (EDT)

Splendid website. To think in 1969 I nearly came to work for you when I left H.&H. but decided to have a break from organ building. have been broken ever since ! May see you at the 1999 I.O.F. at St. Albans. I've attended since 1962/63 after we rebuilt the Abbey organ. Best wishes. H.R.
Hadrian Rochester
Surrey., UK RH2 0AD - Friday, June 19, 1998 at 19:50:53 (EDT)

Its nice to send a message to the second best organbuilder in the world I enjoyed looking at your site it was very intresting ps my father sends his best wishes from jc woodstock
mr jc woodstock
StAlbans, HERTS - Saturday, June 13, 1998 at 13:18:42 (EDT)

Its nice to send a message to the second best organbuilder in the world I enjoyed looking at your site it was very intresting ps my father sends his best wishes from jc woodstock
mr jc woodstock
StAlbans, HERTS - Saturday, June 13, 1998 at 13:14:06 (EDT)

Dear John, I did enjoy your excellent website, just as I enjoy your wonderful organs. With fond memories of my visit to the organ works. Please give my best wishes to your father. Regards, Nicholas Mander (of Owlpen).
Nicholas Mander
Gloucester, GL England - Thursday, June 04, 1998 at 11:33:42 (EDT)

Greetings to all the staff at Manders. I hope you are all busy and I am looking forward to any plans and projects you might have for the near future. A little while back you built a organ for the a customerin Nigeria. St. Andrews Cathedral if I remember. I would be most obliged if you could let me have a copy of the specification. My home address is, Flat 12 block 5, Elizabeth Road, Birmingham B33 8AS.
Ronald Shillngford
Birmingham, United Kingdom - Tuesday, June 02, 1998 at 07:35:58 (EDT)

Many thanks for such an informative web page. I have the pleasure of playing an organ revoiced by N.P.Mander when at home in Weymouth, Dorset.
Colin Harvey
- Monday, June 01, 1998 at 12:29:31 (EDT)

I was very impressed with your web site. I am currently rebuilding a 5 rank pipe organ in my home. It is an 1896 tracker
Danny Hopkins
Lockeport, NS Canada - Monday, June 01, 1998 at 11:46:56 (EDT)

Good work and good sounds for everybody.
Demeter Miklos
Pécs, Hungary - Wednesday, May 27, 1998 at 07:09:15 (EDT)

Dear John, compliments for your site!! I hope you are fine and please give my greatings to Jeoff as well. If you have the time to visit our site I would be pleased to have the english version checked by you !!! Thanks and I hope to se you in Paris. By .... Andrea.
Andrea Mascioni
Azzio, VA Italy - Monday, May 25, 1998 at 12:24:48 (EDT)

Hi John, Great to visit 'home' whilst I'm away! Ben
Ben Mander
- Sunday, May 24, 1998 at 22:38:04 (EDT)

You have a very fine site... and from what I can read and see,very fine organs. Unfortunatly, I have not heard or been able to play any of your instruments.very fine organs. Do you have any contracts or work planned in Canada, esp Western Canada or the Northwest U.S.A.? I will watch carefully, but I think it's time to make sure that on my next trip to N.Y. I will check out your beautiful instrument there.
John (Jack) Reimer
Victoria, BC Canada - Saturday, May 23, 1998 at 22:06:31 (EDT)

Eine sehr sehr gute, ordentliche und beispielhafte Arbeit ist Ihre "Home Page". Weiter so!!!
Deutschland - Tuesday, May 19, 1998 at 07:45:19 (EDT)

Brilliant Homepage. Keep up the good work.
Jen Moon
Brighton, UK - Friday, May 15, 1998 at 23:48:31 (EDT)

I am responding to Mr. John Pike Mander's e-mail to me because the e-mail I sent to him would not go through. (fatal error. Name server: compuserv.com: no date???). I did have a chance to play the then recently completed organ at St. Pauls when my class visited Christopher Dearnley after Evensong. Very IMPRESSIVE! I would be delighted to receive a brochure. My address is: Mercer County Community College, ATTN: P. Scheid, 1200 Old Trenton Rd., TRENTON NJ 08690, USA. Thanks so much for the response. P. Scheid
Paul Scheid
trenton, nj usa - Thursday, May 07, 1998 at 14:11:28 (EDT)

Enjoy your website. Had the privilege of playing a recital on your instrument in Princeton University Chapel. Spectacular !!! Used to run a 2 week Mercer County College "London Music Workshop" course in the 1980's. Visited your London facility on a number of occasions.
paul scheid
trenton, nj usa - Wednesday, May 06, 1998 at 18:33:08 (EDT)

A Magnificent Cite
Gregory Beider
Rehovot, Israel - Tuesday, May 05, 1998 at 16:48:30 (EDT)

Very good page.
Bartosz Seifert
Poznan, Poland - Sunday, May 03, 1998 at 18:26:10 (EDT)

Nice homepage!!! Congratulations!
Rüdiger Baier
Frankenberg, D Germany - Monday, April 27, 1998 at 03:53:13 (EDT)

Hallo John, ich habe mal wieder die Möglichkeit unsre Web-Seite zu besuchen. Ganzbesonders hat mich gefreut, daß St. Agnes bereits aufgenommen wurde(leider bin ich nicht auf dem Foto). Ich hoffe Ihr habt am Samstag viel Spaß. Grüß bitte alle, Dein Nicholas
Nicholas von Bandemer
Ludwigsburg, BRD Germany - Monday, April 27, 1998 at 03:50:50 (EDT)

Dear John Mander, I wrote you last year about the wonderful job you did restoring the E.M. Skinner at Christ Church Cranbrook. I think a photo of the E.M. Skinner case along with an inset picture of your most elegant console would be a wonderful addition to your portfolio page. Thank you
Larry DeBolt
Atlanta, GA U.S.A. - Wednesday, April 15, 1998 at 20:14:06 (EDT)

Nice to see You again! Back in the 70's[?] I orderd catalog and demorecord on small organs. If You are still building small organs it would bee nice to see them in Your site.
Lars-Gunnar Bergmo
Vasteras, Sweden - Wednesday, April 15, 1998 at 03:18:14 (EDT)

Last summer I was on tour as accompanist with the St. Luke's Choir of Men and Boys from Evanston, Illinois at St. Paul's London and Chichester Cathedral. You do fabulous work; I enjoyed both organs immensely. Andrew M. Senn
Andrew M. Senn
Philadelphia, PA United States - Wednesday, April 01, 1998 at 19:12:34 (EST)

This is a wonderful site. I have very fond memories of playing the fine organ at St Andrew's, Holborn in June 1990.
Pastór de Lasala
Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA - Saturday, March 28, 1998 at 17:20:33 (EST)

Dear Mr. Mander, I really enjoyed your web site. I have been the Director of Music at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Tomahawk, Wisconsin in the USA for 25 years. I was also appointed Music Director for Church of Ascension in Merrill, Wisconsin in the USA in 1995. I play electronic organs in both churches. Both churches are not financially strong to afford a pipe organ. I don't get to play or hear them very often. I really enjoyed the pictures of the organ at Loyola. Keep up the great work.
Terry Zeitelhack
Deerbrook, WI USA - Wednesday, March 25, 1998 at 22:30:21 (EST)

We were privileged to visit and play two of your fine organs a month ago; we consider those at Rochester and Chichester to be among the finest we have ever played. We especially enjoyed reading about the Chichester organ's history.
James and Fraser Mitchell
Norwich, Norfolk UK - Wednesday, March 25, 1998 at 13:44:37 (EST)

Hallo lieber John, sie ist sehr schön gemacht, Deine home page. gratuliere. Herzliche Grüsse an Felizitas und Nicholas aus Attendorn God bless You
Eggert von Petersdorff
- Friday, March 20, 1998 at 10:25:04 (EST)

Dear Mr. Mander, great Web-Site! Gratulations from our class FZOR 63 and from Mr. Böhm.
Orgelbaumeister Ludwigsburg
Ludwigsburg, D BW - Friday, March 20, 1998 at 03:33:06 (EST)

Great web site. I was privileged to hear two of your fine instruments (Chichester & St. Paul's) this past summer.
Jack R. Taipala
Chicago, IL 60657 - Thursday, March 19, 1998 at 23:55:16 (EST)

Taipei, Taiwan - Thursday, March 19, 1998 at 04:44:55 (EST)

Dear Mr.Mander, thanks for your e-mail. I´m really surprised to hear, that there is the possibility to work in your company. But first I have to finish my education to an organbuilder. That will be in february 2000. I made my "Zwischenprüfung" last week with a very good average of 1,7. I will send you my letter of application and a private dataside of my person and then you can decide about me. By the way, thank you for the offer to write german, but I want to train my english speaking because I think, that it is not the very best. Bye for now, your sincerly Markus Bäumler, Weiden.
Markus Baeumler
Weiden, Germany - Wednesday, March 18, 1998 at 10:57:07 (EST)

Fascinating, interesting, beautiful, and any other superlatives that one might think of. I'll be back often, I'm sure.
Peter J Kralt
Millgrove, On Canada - Tuesday, March 17, 1998 at 23:20:01 (EST)

The most FAAAAABULOUS website I've seen to date! Greetings to John and all!
Michael Messina
Indianapolis, IN USA - Saturday, March 14, 1998 at 16:36:54 (EST)

This is one of the best organ site's on the WWW. Thank you for putting in the effort to provide so much information to people such as myself, who enjoy looking at different organs around the world. I will come here again.
Christopher J. Luke
Melbourne, VIC Australia - Sunday, March 08, 1998 at 05:44:25 (EST)

What a wonderful site you have. I enjoy it often. It would certainly be great if there were some of your instruments close by (sunny north central Florida) to enjoy. Oh well, one can't have everything; at least we have Malcolm on this side of the pond! He is always so helpful and such a fount of knowledge. Keep up the good work.
Bruce Cornely
Gainesville, FL USA - Saturday, March 07, 1998 at 20:36:07 (EST)

Wow ! what a great home page and interesting guestbook ! I play a Willis at St. Matthew-in-the-city, Auckland. Love the sound of that great instrument in our building - but would love some Mander precision and colour when we rebuild within the next three years. Also I get great enjoyment from Priory PRCD 336 of Anne Page playing at Mill Hill School and St.Andrew's Holborn
Tim McWhannell
Auckland, Auckland New Zealand - Thursday, March 05, 1998 at 03:17:09 (EST)

Did you get photo of our DOMINY? We started an organ class with it.We will make your name more popular in Japan with Mander'a tiny organ like like DOMINY.
hideharu seki
hokohama, japan - Thursday, February 26, 1998 at 21:38:55 (EST)

Typical Mander quality. Superb organs both in sound & application and design. The web page is great. Love those pix!
Christopher Waters
Benalla, Vic Australia - Thursday, February 26, 1998 at 19:09:50 (EST)

Dear Mr.Mander! Your webside is simply great. I was especially faszinated by the many big organs, which are built by your company all over the world. I´m an "organbuilder-pupil" from "Orgelbau Thomas Jann, Allkofen/Germany and I want to know much more about your company. Would it be possible to work for about one year in your workshop ? If it is possible, please send me a e-mail.The best wishes for the future and bye, bye ... Markus Bäumler, Germany
Markus Baeumler
Weiden, Germany - Tuesday, February 24, 1998 at 12:49:12 (EST)

What a wonderful testimonial to the "King Of Instruments". Very nice presentation,,,keep up the good work Rocky
Lester V Rockafellow
Flemington, NJ USA - Wednesday, February 18, 1998 at 16:46:06 (EST)

Nice page. I know of no organ of similar size that has more truly exquisite stops than the Mander organ at Immanuel (Alexandria). The organ is a thoroughly perfect match for the room. The lovely, warm sound of the 8' Principle continues to ring in my ear.
Mark A. Whitmire, DMA
Richmond, VA USA - Friday, February 06, 1998 at 12:58:34 (EST)

I hadn't visited the sight since first started. Much improved and most impressive. I like living in Kalamazoo but I'd fly back to work in Bethnal Green in a second. I just need to convince Lisa. The Mander organs inspirational as usual.
Ben Aldrich
Kalamazoo, MI USA - Sunday, February 01, 1998 at 21:15:07 (EST)

I really like your page and the Imformation about the your company is great GOD make you prospere more and more everyday ANGEL
NORTH BERGEN, NJ USA - Sunday, February 01, 1998 at 16:13:53 (EST)

What a fantastic web site!!Having been interested in organs for yeras this was a great find. I hope one day that i can train to become an organ builder. At the moment i am at university doing a degree in engineering music technology and hope to include some organ work in my degree . Thankyou for building some of the worlds best organs.
David Godwin
Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire - Monday, January 26, 1998 at 09:53:43 (EST)

I like this wibe-site because I get more information about organ and the photos about organ is very nice. Cheers.
Laksito B. Purnomo
Bandung, West Java Indonesia - Monday, January 26, 1998 at 08:38:19 (EST)

Great. I like this wibe-site, because I will get more information about organ and the photos is very beautiful.
Laksito B. Purnomo
Bandung, West Java Indonesia - Monday, January 26, 1998 at 08:34:33 (EST)

Hi Daddy! How are you?
Annabel Mander
- Saturday, January 24, 1998 at 13:29:57 (EST)

I wish there was a fine Mander Organ in Houston, I am the the Organist/Choirmaster at St. Christopher's Church in League City -- I hope we can make that happen at some point in time. John George
John L. George
Houston, TX USA - Thursday, January 15, 1998 at 12:15:23 (EST)

What an amazing sight! I was able to play several organs in England, most of them restored or built by Mander. He must really love the glorious king of instruments, otherwise those excellent results would never be possible. "Orgelbau ist naturgemäß eine wirklich freie Kunst, würdig eines Edelmannes" (Constanzo Antegnati 1549-1624) Thank you. Hasso Schulz, Bremen/Germany
Hasso Schulz
Bremen, -- Germany - Wednesday, January 14, 1998 at 06:44:15 (EST)

What a wonderful and fascinating Web site! The organ is truly the "King of Instruments'. As an erstwhile amateur organist, I adore listening to organs and studying the history, science and craft of organ building and all matters related thereto, also the craft of writing music for the organ. Andrew Mander-Jones
Andrew Mander-Jones
Melbourne, VI AUSTRALIA - Monday, January 12, 1998 at 08:18:51 (EST)

Lovely Woek!
David M Lines
Salt Lake, UT USA - Monday, January 12, 1998 at 00:47:22 (EST)

This is lovely! How I wish to replace my 90-year old tub with an organ of your quality.
David M. Lines
Salt Lake, UT USA - Sunday, January 11, 1998 at 23:22:12 (EST)

Hello from Derry! I've kept my promise to log-on!
Tim Allen
- Tuesday, January 06, 1998 at 13:43:26 (EST)

Congratulations on a great web-site. We will be joining you in Cyberspace very soon!
Alan Dear, Royal College of Organists
London, UK - Tuesday, January 06, 1998 at 08:22:17 (EST)

Thank you for an excellent and most interesting set of web pages. They are most informative. I have been interested in Pipe Organs from an early age. My old school, St. Johns College in Johannesburg, S. Africa has a magnificent organ in the chapel built by Cooper, Gill & Tomkins, one of our local organ builders. I have no formal training in music but very much enjoy listening to (and playing when possible) organ music. As I type this, I'm listening to Haydn's Organ Concerto in C, played on the St. Johns College Cambridge (England) instrument by the irrepressible and highly talented Simon Preston. One of my greatest wishes is to be able to purchase and old or redundant instrument from wherever, restore and re-voice it, and install it at my home. Thank you again for the information on your pages, and on my next visit to the UK, I would like to pay a visit to your works if at all possible. With Kind Regards Steve Butcher
Steve Butcher
Johannesburg, South Africa - Monday, December 29, 1997 at 10:12:52 (EST)

Excellent site, congratulations. I used (in the late 60s) to play on the Mander instrument at St John's RC Cathedral in Portsmouth. I have very fond memories of it, still. I hope to find more opportunities to perform on Mander instruments during recital giving! Cheers to you all.
David Dewar
Helmsley, York, UK - Monday, December 29, 1997 at 05:12:07 (EST)

I am a fan of pipe organs and a student member of the Americian Guild of Organists who has seen your name in the American Organist Magazin I was wondering if you had any instruments in the U.S. or more specificly in the kansas area and if so where are they? I would also kike to have an information pacjage about your firm which I will read and then save to pass along several years down the road to my churches organ committee which willl be formed when we decide to replace our presant instrument. my mailing address is: Matt Braden 6130 Bella Road Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A 67204 Thank you for sharing I look forward to a reply! Merry Christmas to all mander employees! Matt Braden P.S. My church has a covenant relationship with the Grove and Central Ynited Methodist churches in Leeds, Horsforth are either of those instruments yours?
Matt Braden
Wichita, ks. U.S>A - Wednesday, December 24, 1997 at 16:47:56 (EST)

Fascinating information thank you for this, to Dan (at Manders) for telling me about it and for keeping our local Organ sounding sweet ! Organist - St. Thomas or Canterbury - Northaw
Rick Pearce
Northaw, Hertfordshire - UK - Wednesday, December 24, 1997 at 11:42:54 (EST)

Hallo again, Thanks for sending me the specification on the Rochester organ,I may be biased but it should really be on your portfolio!Also thankyou very much for the C.D list.I subsequently bought the St Ignatius Loyola C.D "The Romantic Organ" with Kent tritle playing.What a fabulous sound!I have recordings of cavaille Coll organs such as St Ouen in Rouen and the famous St Sulpice organ in Paris and the sound was just as exiting.The sound quality of the disc was brilliant also,so thankyou.On a different note if anyone at your offices or who reads this knows if there are any recordings of the Notre Dame organ and where to get them I will be very grateful. Thankyou again, Matthew Bodycombe(Gillingham Kent)
Matthew Bodycombe
- Monday, December 15, 1997 at 15:44:00 (EST)

I am a sound-,light- and stage-technician, amateur organ historic researcher, have made 2 CD-recordings and have great interests in listening to good recordings. I construct different types of loudspeakers,specially exponentialhorns. Cold winter-greetings from the middle of Sweden Eddie W
Eddie Wiklander
S-852 30 Sundsvall, Sweden - Friday, December 05, 1997 at 07:02:36 (EST)

Dear Sirs, It has been a very great pleasure to visit your homepage. I appreciate your initiative and it is with regret that I must draw your attention to one particular spelling mistake. In the stoplist of St. Paul's Cathedral: Stop no. 6 in "Pedal Organ" should not be Flule (I think...) but Flute. Anyway, I wish you luck with your next project. If you are interested you might visit my homepage. In the church where I am the organist we are planning to build a new organ. Greetings from Denmark.
Poul Christian Rasmussen
Copenhagen, Denmark - Sunday, November 23, 1997 at 16:09:52 (EST)

Greetings from Turku Cathedral. Mander Organs are not known in Finland, but I once had the opportunity to play at St. Paul´s, so my first contact to Mander was truly memorable. Marko Hakanpää, Turku Cathedral.
Marko Hakanpää
Turku, Finland - Sunday, November 23, 1997 at 14:30:51 (EST)

Lavish ans very interesting web-site. Mander has stood for quality and musicality as long as I have been playng the organ and long may it continue. Any brochures/promotional literature would be greatly treasured.
Dr R M Zelenka
harrogate HG34BP, UK - Sunday, November 23, 1997 at 03:46:28 (EST)

My name is Rod Griffin, and I studied organ at LSU. I am moving back to Texas, and I would like for you to send me some literature about your organs. My address will be Rod Griffin c/o ROLC P.O. Box 848 Kemp, TX 75143=-848
Roderick J. Griffin
Kemp, TX 75143-0848 - Thursday, November 20, 1997 at 15:22:25 (EST)

Why is the Pembroke College Cambridge organ not shown?
- Sunday, November 16, 1997 at 14:16:24 (EST)

Hi John,on the Net at long last,look forward to getting an E Mail from the Boss. Best wishes Vic.
Southall, UK - Saturday, November 15, 1997 at 11:59:15 (EST)

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA - Friday, November 14, 1997 at 14:46:26 (EST)

Congratulations on your excellent work at Princeton. I enjoy that organ very much, and wish you continued success. Thank you.
Douglas Hezlep
Pasadena, CA USA - Wednesday, November 12, 1997 at 14:26:39 (EST)

I just checked out the site containing information about the organ at St. Giles Cripplegate. I first heard the restored organ played by Mr. Rick Wakeman on one of his solo records. The organ sounds wonderful on that recording. Sincerely, Russ
Russell Breeding
Virginia Beach, VA USA - Sunday, November 09, 1997 at 18:03:35 (EST)

Compliments for your site, especially for the portfolio section!
Roberto Nessi
Varese, Italia - Sunday, November 09, 1997 at 02:07:26 (EST)

Thanks for a great site and for the welcome always extended at BIOS meetings in your workshops. Please give Noel my regards and apologies for crossing swords in the past - he must have found me unbearable. Now a grandfather myself, I can understand what he must have felt. Martin, who will soonish have his own site..
Martin Renshaw
- Tuesday, November 04, 1997 at 17:50:32 (EST)

Hallo Herr Mander. Für das Internet ist Ihnen eine sehr schöne und aufschlußreiche Firmenpublikation gelungen. Ich hoffe, daß Sie im Frühjahr an mich denken.Einen schönen Gruß, :-)
Götz Schackenberg
59457 Werl, Deutschland - Sunday, November 02, 1997 at 09:56:02 (EST)

Hallo John.Firstly can I rectify what was probably a typing mistake on my part.I went to King's school Rochester and not Kin's.Anyway all I am enquiring about is whether you have available any recordings of your instruments and if you could send me some info on your Company.My address is:MAES HELEM,LLANFAIR ROAD,LAMPETER,CEREDIGION,WALES SA48 8JX.Many thanks and I look forward to seeing more instruments on the sight.My home when not at University here is Gillingham and I look forward especially to your profile on the Rochester Mander/Walker organ. Best wishes,Matthew Bodycombe.
Matthew Bodycombe
Lampeter, wales - Thursday, October 30, 1997 at 12:32:16 (EST)

I have just had a sneak play at St Nicholas Cole Abbey, Queen Victoria Street, London EC4. The last time I played it was in the early '60s, following the rebuilding of the organ and re-dedication of the church. The Great still fills the church with a wonderful sound. The organ is still responsive. However, what on earth has happened to the swell? A great web-site. Keep up the good work.
Peter Tuffley
- Monday, October 27, 1997 at 11:03:10 (EST)

It was good to meet Noel at St Mary Aldermary on 8 October. I look forward to playing the organ there when you have restored it. All good wishes.
Gillian Ward Russell
- Saturday, October 25, 1997 at 14:29:09 (EDT)

Delighted to have now found your superb site with its wealth of interesting information. All best wishes.
Colin Goulden
STAINES, Middx, England - Saturday, October 25, 1997 at 06:56:20 (EDT)

Organs are my life, without organs I'm nothing. If I had an organ I'd play it the morning, I'd play it in the evening all over the land.
Terence Myles
- Friday, October 24, 1997 at 11:59:34 (EDT)

I find your organs to be vastly better than my stylophone, organs are great. Our monica has also visited your site and raves about it, I keep telling her to pipe down.
BURNLEY, ENGLAND - Friday, October 24, 1997 at 11:51:27 (EDT)

I was a pupil ay Kins's School Rochester and your fabulous organ in Rochester Cathedral gave me the inspiration to learn to play the instrument.Many thanks and kind regards.Matt bodycombe.
Matthew Bodycombe
Lampeter, Wales - Wednesday, October 22, 1997 at 16:46:16 (EDT)

Lieber John, Herzliche Grüße aus Dresden Eine schöne Reklame für Eure Arbeit, gute Fotos. technische Details wären sicher interessant, sprengen aber evtl. doch den Rahmen. Viel Glück für die Schulze-Forschung !
Kristian Wegscheider
01109 Dresden, Deutschland - Tuesday, October 21, 1997 at 09:05:25 (EDT)

Great to see organ builders in the forefront of information technology. Keep this fascinating web page alive - it's great!
David Shaw
Bristol, UK - Wednesday, October 15, 1997 at 08:14:05 (EDT)

Excelente site!!!! Estoy muy contento de haberlo encontrado!!! Sigan Así!!!!
Guillermo Descalzo
A. Korn, Argentina - Monday, October 13, 1997 at 13:29:23 (EDT)

I very much enjoyed giving a concert on the Nave organ at Chelmsford Cathedral the other day. It is a great pleasure to play, and is one of my favourites. Congratulations, too, on your brilliant website.
Alison Baker
Colchester, UK - Friday, October 10, 1997 at 17:24:54 (EDT)

Nice to have found a firm named Mander-Organs, constructing Music-Instruments. I'm myself a musician here in Luxembourg in a Concert-Band. My instruments are euphonium and trombone. Greetings J-P Mander
Mander Jean-Paul
Obercorn, Luxembourg - Wednesday, October 08, 1997 at 16:45:36 (EDT)

Recently heard Thomas Murrary dedicate Christ Church Cranbrook. I'm sure Ernest Skinner is smiling because of the excellent work y'all have done. A most wonderful and warm sound. I especially liked the contrasting Tubas. The console is exquisite. You should be proud, especially since others have chosen to "throw out" Skinner's work. Thanks.
Larry DeBolt
Atlanta, GA Fulton - Monday, October 06, 1997 at 13:55:51 (EDT)

I'm sure someone at Mander's must have shares in BT! But seriously, this is a very informative site to visit, well laid out and presented.
Jeremy Ewen
Brookmans Park, Herts UK - Thursday, October 02, 1997 at 17:22:48 (EDT)

Congratulations, this is by far the best organ site I have seen. Hopefullyl one day soon, we will hear a Mander organ in Australia!
Rhys Boak
Melbourne, Vic Australia - Wednesday, October 01, 1997 at 05:58:08 (EDT)

Rcvd your letter. I send e-mail tommorrow. I want to put a name on our mander mini. What is your idea? Miss Domini will do? Domi is my wife's nick name when young.
Hideharu Seki
Yokohama, Japan - Wednesday, October 01, 1997 at 01:00:49 (EDT)

Dear John, We have now put on sound clips on to some of our URL http://www.guildmusic.com/catalog/gui7140z.htm Do you think we should put on some with the Mander Organ on it and would you be ready to participate in the cost of putting the sound clip on to the web page. Hope everything is okay with you and all the very best Kaikoo
Kaikoo C Lalkaka
Ramsen, SH Switzerland - Friday, September 26, 1997 at 10:46:46 (EDT)

thank you so much for the addition of the Eton organ. the facade is absolutely stunning. I am impressed and grateful for your splendid work in restoration of these beautiful instruments. For a builder which obviously has so much to offer in its own work, it is particularly admirable that you, in a sense, put aside yourselves to preserve and restore the work of others. I appreciate your respect of history. And, for a company which does such beautiful work in preserving the past, it is also impressive what you do with the "futuristic" website. This is one of the most beautifully layed out, and easily accessible sites visit. (just not enough laurels, so before I become verbose--too late!--I'll just say thanks.
bruce cornely
gainesville, fl usa - Thursday, September 25, 1997 at 19:23:56 (EDT)

John - it was good to see you again at Guy Bovet's recital. Thanks again for the site visit and preliminary: the talking shop is to be convened shortly, and we'll be in touch as soon as possible. The website is excellent, both in construction and content. Well done!
- Tuesday, September 23, 1997 at 14:16:49 (EDT)

A very good page!
Moers, GE - Tuesday, September 23, 1997 at 12:27:53 (EDT)

At last I've found the site!! Well done John, excellent site. Keep up the good work!
Stuart Howatson
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire UK - Tuesday, September 23, 1997 at 10:43:59 (EDT)

Dear John: I met you at the '96 AGO Convention in NYC. Subsequently, I have had the opportunity to play your splendid instrument at the Princeton University Chapel. I think old EM Skinner would be happy with your work! All the best, Ben Baldus, Director of Music, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Lansing, MI USA
Ben Baldus
Lansing, MI USA - Friday, September 19, 1997 at 07:01:59 (EDT)

I've always felt that websites should match the nature of their creators. This one proves my point - slick, professional and highly finished! Well Done! Jolly P.S. How about some more tunings?
Andrew Jolliffe
London, - Friday, September 19, 1997 at 05:55:14 (EDT)

Thank you for such a beautiful web site! I have long been a fan of your spectacular organbuilding. Beautfiul photographs and delightful insight.
Brad Volland
Fredericksburg, VA USA - Wednesday, September 10, 1997 at 22:05:47 (EDT)

A vey informative insight into your company and well laid out website. Look forward to visiting your premises later today.
The Beckett Group
Bury St Edmunds, U.K. - Monday, August 18, 1997 at 06:43:52 (EDT)

I think that Mander makes one fine pipe organ. Since I am only 15, I don't travel a lot, but would love to see the one in New York City at Saint Ignatious.
Russell Weismann
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Sunday, August 17, 1997 at 21:10:02 (EDT)

Your U.S. representative, Malcolm Wechsler, was kind enough to show me the Mander organ in St. Ignatius Loyola Church, New York recently. I was certainly most impressed. It is a magnificent instrument --- well exceeding my expectations, actually. Probably the finest organ to be installed in New York in the past 30 years.
Arthur LaMirande
New York, NY USA - Friday, August 15, 1997 at 15:40:51 (EDT)

Herzliche Grüße aus Mettlach sendet Ihnen Roland Behrens
Roland Behrens
Mettlach, D Germany - Tuesday, August 12, 1997 at 13:21:13 (EDT)

I enjoyed touring your workshop Aug. 6 with the group from Christ Church, Lexington, Ky. and particularly enjoyed the small one manual instrument you had just completed.
James R. Fitzpatrick
Lexington, KY U.S.A. - Tuesday, August 12, 1997 at 13:12:21 (EDT)

Congratulations on a well thought out and nicely designed web site. Always good to see new organ-related sites. Best wishes for future developments.
J.William Kay
Stranda, Norway - Saturday, August 09, 1997 at 11:30:23 (EDT)

Congartulations on your excellent web-site. This was my first time on the net, and I found all the information most interesting indeed. The pictures are superb, but how about some music?
Brian Hepworth
Herøy, Norway - Monday, August 04, 1997 at 11:13:36 (EDT)

John: Impressive site! Made my Friday lunch-hour a real pleasure! As a suggestion, I know you've got a large portfolio of builds and maintains, so how about putting the list on the net, so that incumbent organists can make their comments? For example, you rebuilt (1965) & maintain the 1865 Forster & Andrews at Aylesford (Kent), which like many similar organs has an interesting history - and who knows, other surfers may want to see/hear the work you have done! The web site is of very high quality - but then I'd expect that from Manders!
Michael Keays
Aylesford, Kent, UK - Friday, August 01, 1997 at 07:48:22 (EDT)

Dear Mr. Mander, Please accept my thanks for having the pleasure of visiting your web-site which is an excellently maintained and monitored site. We note that you have two recordings of ours on your site GMCD 7128 John Scott plays Liszt and GMCD 7130 David Liddle plays Liddle. at the organ of St. Ignatius Loyola, New York. We will be releasing yet another CD with David playing at St. Ignatius Loyola in March of 1998. After having surfed through your web-site I picked up the phone and called David who was absolutely delighted, and thanks you profusely for mentioning his CD on your site. So a thank you from David at 11.00 AM EST today. Thank you for making your site available to the general public. All the very best and kindest regards Kaikoo
Kaikoo C Lalkaka
Ramsen, SH Switzerland - Thursday, July 24, 1997 at 05:28:37 (EDT)

What a wonderful site!!! In all my surfing, I have never seen a more well designed site than this one. I did a bit of web design in final year for a BSc computing degree and I know a bit about designs. Manders should be proud - the content of the site is superb and reflects their good work round the world. You may be interested in some sites I run: The Northern Ireland Pipe Organ Web Site The Ulster Society of Organists and Choirmasters Web Site These are both accessible from my home page at: http://www.d-n-a.net/users/dnetzMNU Well done Manders.
Alistair McCartney
Belfast, Northern Ireland - Saturday, July 19, 1997 at 18:42:04 (EDT)

Hello John! I have much enjoyed seeing my own organs on your web site. What a brilliant concept. Cheers.
Dr Graham Elliott
- Monday, July 14, 1997 at 17:05:29 (EDT)

What a very good site. Nice to see the organ where I am organist - St.Matthew's Westminster - featured. It is a marvellous instrument - of fresh sound and such a joy to play (and looking so good as shown by your excellent photo, in a beautiful church). We have had some excellent lunchtime recitals this year, too. A great joy for me to move to St.Matthew's from the great Willis at St.Michael's Croydon, although the repertoire is somewhat different...! Most interested to see the details of some of your recent work.
Andrew Sampson
London, - Wednesday, July 09, 1997 at 19:38:36 (EDT)

I would be interested to see the specifications of the organ you are building for the new St. Anne's Church on East 43rd St. here in New York. Next time you're in New York, you should make it a point to hear the organ in the Church of the Holy Name of Jesus on West 96th St. It was designed by an Englishman (Richard Whitelegg) in 1937 for the Moller Company, and was probably the finest organ of that time in the United States. Numerous organ builders have tried to get their mitts on it to re-design it to their own predilections, so far without success, fortunately. I will get to hear the new Mander organ in St. Ignatius Loyola one of these days.
Arthur LaMirande
New York, NY USA - Friday, July 04, 1997 at 14:41:58 (EDT)

Thanks for a most enjoyable and informative site. There is a letter in the post (Snail-mail) re St Michael & All Angels.
Martin Kemp
London, UK - Thursday, July 03, 1997 at 14:31:24 (EDT)

Congratulations on a most handsome website. I hope that other organbuilders are moved to follow your lead. As a former Organist-Choirmaster of Christ Church Cranbrook, I would enjoy seeing the new stoplist of the rebuilt organ.
Franklin Coleman
Tampa, FL USA - Wednesday, July 02, 1997 at 01:07:06 (EDT)

hi john it was brilliant to surf a bit . i´ll came back to see more of you. take care siggi.
siegfried auer
g´.höring, d germany - Sunday, June 29, 1997 at 14:25:15 (EDT)

John, Malcolm, and others, Greetings. I am pleased to add my best wishes to your web site. Please let me know when you are in the Washington, D.C. area so we can get togther.
B. Michael Parrish
Annandale, VA USA - Monday, June 23, 1997 at 11:52:42 (EDT)

Dear Mr. Mander, Remember me? Two years ago in Bergen. I`m sorry, but we found your offer too high, but I`m sure it would be the best results if we could raise enough money. Next year in May, The Scheffler company from Frankfurt will start the restauration, and finish Des. 98. All the best. Kind Regards Asbjoern Myksvoll
Asbjoern Myksvoll
Bergen, Norway - Thursday, June 19, 1997 at 18:11:29 (EDT)

Dear Mr. Mander, Remember me? Two years ago in Bergen. I`m sorry, but we found your offer too high, but I`m sure it would be the best results if we could raise enough money. Next year in May, The Scheffler company from Frankfurt will start the restauration, and finish Des. 98. All the best. Kind Regards Asbjoern Myksvoll
Asbjoern Myksvoll
Bergen, Norway - Thursday, June 19, 1997 at 18:11:24 (EDT)

I much enjoyed your presentation on the Web -congratulations on the quality of the information and illustrations. My great joy was to play a short recital on your magnificent rebuild of the Renatus Harris instrument in Merchant Taylors' Hall, London - I used some peices which were contemporary with the original instrument from Three organists of St. Dionis, Backchurch, London- Charles Burney and John Bennett (Tallis to Wesley Series) together with John Stanley and Choral Song and Fugue SS Wesley and Choral Prelude BWV 680 "Wir glauben all' an einen Gott, Shopfer" The organ was a joy to play, and demonstrated the tremendous skill of your work in restoring such an excellent historic instrument, which I believe Simon Preston holds to be one of the finest examples in London.
David Scott OBE
- Sunday, June 15, 1997 at 10:42:51 (EDT)

I enjoyed visting your pages. It was very well layed out and easy to navigate. I hope some day I have the privelege of playing one of the organs. Thanks.
Ken Stancerl
Columbus, WI USA - Thursday, June 12, 1997 at 20:13:27 (EDT)

Congratulations on a great web page! Playing your instrument in Princeton University Chapel was awe-inspiring! Hope to visit St. Ignatius of Loyola in NYC this summer. Keep up the good work!
Matt Emkey
Wyomissing, PA USA - Monday, June 09, 1997 at 22:11:29 (EDT)

Truly a splendid website. Your pictures are delightful, and I want more!
Christoph Bannach Wahl
Appleton, WI U.S.A. - Friday, June 06, 1997 at 00:00:59 (EDT)

Hello, greeting from japan.
Minoru Nagata
Tokyo, Japan - Monday, June 02, 1997 at 01:38:04 (EDT)

see E-Mail
Richmond, VA USA - Saturday, May 31, 1997 at 09:18:07 (EDT)

I was interested to learn of your Website. I have played the Mander at Princeton University Chapel and find it to be a spectacular instrument. Some years ago I ran a "London Music Workshop" Course for my college. It took place for 2 weeks during January. On Several of these trips I was able to bring students to the Mander Organ Works and enjoyed that very much. Even got a chance to play a bit on the St Paul's Cathedral Organ soon after it was completed. That was courtesy of Christopher Dearnley.
Paul Scheid
Trenton, NJ USA - Thursday, May 29, 1997 at 11:33:13 (EDT)

Hello, Geoff! Great to meet you last Saturday. Like the Website. I'll have a longer look when I've got more time! Take a look at our website here at Abbey Road (under the name, basically!). Hoping to remaster some of the EMI 'Great Cathedral Organs' series in the near future. Not sure if Manders had any of their organs recorded in those days? See you again perhaps during the Festival. Good luck - Simon.
simon gibson
- Thursday, May 22, 1997 at 08:37:04 (EDT)

Excellent layout! Excellent Organbuilding!
David M Storey
Up. Marlboro, MD USA - Tuesday, May 20, 1997 at 23:57:16 (EDT)

Congratulations John on a most impressive site! Best wishes to all at NPM. and long may you continue in your success as a shining example of English organbuilding!
Paul J fulcher (Lively-Fulcher Pipe Organ Builders USA)
Washington DC., MD USA - Sunday, May 18, 1997 at 11:38:53 (EDT)

I'm glad to see a traditional craft can still keep up with the times.
Chris Green
Portsmouth, UK - Sunday, May 18, 1997 at 05:21:41 (EDT)

Beautifully designed pages, and a great delight to see where the organs you have built
Geoff Tennant
London, UK - Saturday, May 17, 1997 at 17:34:54 (EDT)

What a splendid, interesting and informative web site which may serve as a model for other organ builders: congratulations, thanks and best wishes.
Adrian Mumford
London, UK - Friday, May 16, 1997 at 09:07:42 (EDT)

How onderful this way of presenting your firm. Amazing! Congratulations!
Prosper Sevestre
Brouwershaven, Holland - Friday, May 16, 1997 at 08:02:05 (EDT)

Congratulations to a very welldesigned website.I enjoyed the visit! Anders Saellstroem, swedish organbuilder
Anders Saellstroem
Lund, Sweden - Friday, May 16, 1997 at 04:13:14 (EDT)

Not many organists know of your 4 instruments in the Sultanate of Oman. If anyone's passing this way, just let me know. Tim Lees:Organist to His Majesty, The Sultan of Oman.
Tim Lees
Muscat Muscat , OmanNot - Thursday, May 15, 1997 at 02:35:08 (EDT)

Greetings from St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. Congratulations on an exceptionally attractive and well laid out webpage.
John L. Speller
- Tuesday, May 13, 1997 at 20:11:46 (EDT)

It's nice to be reminded of home ! We keep being visited by strangers with wild animals ! Great site, by the way. Michael, David & William.
Cranbrook Voicers !
London, Eng. UK - Monday, May 12, 1997 at 18:50:46 (EDT)

Congratulations on an exceptionally well laid out site; one of the best I have visited. I hope it won't be too long before we hear Mander pipework down under!
Robert Wagner
Sydney, NSW Australia - Sunday, May 11, 1997 at 22:55:16 (EDT)

This a very innovative web site dedicated to the pipe organ. It is very easy to navigate and find information. Great!
Ron Severin
Orange, CA USA - Sunday, May 11, 1997 at 03:15:20 (EDT)

A very interesting site! I love your organ in Chichester Cathedral, which I heard often last year during my organ tour through Britain.
Bert Wisgerhof
Veenendaal, Netherlands - Saturday, May 10, 1997 at 09:32:44 (EDT)

A most professional presentation and very informative. Thank you for a very interesting site. I look forward to its development.
Keith Norman
Rayleigh, Essex England - Tuesday, May 06, 1997 at 19:04:18 (EDT)

Gorgeous site. And works very smoothly. Congratulations. This could be a model for many WEB sites!
Wayne Gloege
Seattle, WA US - Tuesday, May 06, 1997 at 18:37:44 (EDT)

NIce site - would be good to see somes others doing the same
Michael Lamb
london, - Tuesday, May 06, 1997 at 09:52:21 (EDT)

Congratulations on a very informative and interesting site. The information is very well laid out.
Eanna McKenna
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Enjoyed my visit. Nice site.
Tom Spiggle
Old Hickory, TN USA - Monday, May 05, 1997 at 21:53:51 (EDT)

Well done! This site should be an example for other organ builders. It looks very well and it contains good information and beautiful photos. Please continue this way; I'll be back soon!
Dick Sanderman
Rijssen, The Netherlands - Monday, May 05, 1997 at 17:18:26 (EDT)

Hello, to Malcolm
Ronald Wahl
Appleton, WI USA - Monday, May 05, 1997 at 15:11:50 (EDT)

A very well crafted site; I wish we could produce something as attractive. A pleasure, too, to view some of the work of the learned Stephen Bicknell. I do have a minor quibble, however. In the second paragraph of your write-up of the instrument at Immanuel on the Hill, Alexandria VA, the last sentence makes no sense as it now stands. From a dim memory of seeing the inner workings of that organ some time ago, I think the divisions are mounted one above the other. But do check with John M and make the needed correction.
Marty Barringer
Washington, DC USA - Monday, May 05, 1997 at 12:32:45 (EDT)

Cool site folks - congratulations. A possible error in the spec for St Paul's [?]: South Choir div, bassett horn listed as an accessory - I assume it's an 8' stop... Please let me know if I'm in error myself! Pardon my pernicketiness - I'm just one of those nuts who reads specs! I'll be back.
Nic Hamilton
Melbourne, Vic Australia - Monday, May 05, 1997 at 09:41:56 (EDT)

Congratulations on your site. I heard your fine instrument at St Ignatius Loyola in New York City this summer. It was stunning. All the best.
Simon Dyk, Gober Organs Inc.
Toronto, ON Canada - Monday, May 05, 1997 at 09:18:23 (EDT)

A great Web Page, I was able to reminisce on one or two of the organs that I know, (St. Andrews Holborn and St. Paul's Cathedral). I shall return to your page often in the future.
Bob Conway
Kingston, ON Canada - Monday, May 05, 1997 at 02:48:51 (EDT)

Fine site! Smashing design and beautiful organs. Love the one in St.Ignatius Loyola - New York
Gérard van Betlehem
Bilthoven, - The Netherlands - Saturday, May 03, 1997 at 12:15:48 (EDT)

Just visited the site. Very professional. The Internet is costing me a fortune, must have exhausted my free 10 hours introduction to Compuserve by now!
Matthew Fry
Thaxted, Essex UK - Saturday, May 03, 1997 at 10:14:59 (EDT)

A super site - I'll be back. I'm an organophile and have been since the age of 7 - am now 62! Many congratulations on many superb instruments. Must hear the one in the Jesuit church in New York. All best wishes
Brian Anderson
Old Portsmouth, UK - Saturday, May 03, 1997 at 05:53:26 (EDT)

A super site - I'll be back. I'm and organophile and have been since the age of 7 - am now 62! Many congratulations on many superb instruments. Must hear the one in the jesuit church in New\York. All best wishes
Brian Anderson
Old Portsmouth, UK - Saturday, May 03, 1997 at 05:52:23 (EDT)

Enjoyed speaking to John Mander 30/4/97 - just poking around today 2/5
Ted King
Melbourne, VIC Australia - Friday, May 02, 1997 at 10:49:40 (EDT)

Nice site! Enjoyed reading the history of your firm and seeing the wonderful photos of your organs. I'll visit this site again!
David L. Minton
Louisville, KY USA - Thursday, May 01, 1997 at 18:50:04 (EDT)

A most impressive site - certainly on the places to revisit.
Dr Philip Hughes
Cambridge, GB - Monday, April 28, 1997 at 17:05:09 (EDT)

Hi John, Les, Harry, Terry and Ralph. We're new to the internet and we're glad to see your web site. We'll look in often. Best regards to Noel.
michael watson
manchester, ct USA - Sunday, April 27, 1997 at 20:44:03 (EDT)

Dear John, Your site is looking great. When I checked it out before it wasn't quite finished, as I recall, but now that it is the result is very fine. It inspires me to follow suit, once we have allowed ourselves a little respite from the cybernetic hoo-hahs. All the best, James
James Louder
Laval, QC CANADA - Saturday, April 26, 1997 at 20:11:17 (EDT)

Nice site :-). I was hoping to see something on the Jesus College instrument. Hope you get round to adding it to your portfolio.
Jeff Adams
Bath, England - Saturday, April 26, 1997 at 17:25:29 (EDT)

having just joined the internet society and seeing your advert in the latest issue of Choir and Organ I just had to visit your site. Hope it generates lots of interest for you.
David Butler
Reading, - Saturday, April 26, 1997 at 06:46:20 (EDT)

Having had the pleasure of hearing several of your organs "in-situ", it was great to read and download their history and stoplists. An accomplished netsurfer (~10,000 sites) and an amateur organist (very amateur!), I must say your site is THE most aesthetically pleasing, comprehensive and informative site I've encountered! I have bookmarked it and will return often to check your impressive contributions to one ancient--and one modern--art.
Robert J. Drozdowski
Langhorne, PA USA - Thursday, April 24, 1997 at 18:19:10 (EDT)

Glad to see you on line and now connected to our pages in the USA. (pages of Southeastern Historical Keyboard Society). BTW: Our last newsletter had your lovely article about Sr. Paul's London... must send you a copy.
Karen Hite Jacob
Charlotte, NC USA - Saturday, April 19, 1997 at 16:20:48 (EDT)

Congratulations on a superb site,a very informative set of pages on THE KING OF INSTRUMENTS made by (in my opinion) The finest craftsmen in the World.
David M Patrick
Warlingham, England - Thursday, April 17, 1997 at 10:56:34 (EDT)

At last! After many unsuccessful attempts to find your site, it was suddenly there. Most interesting. I have taken copies of some of it to show to the people in Nesset.
Robert Coates
6427 HARÖY, Norway - Wednesday, April 16, 1997 at 09:37:44 (EDT)

Hello John, a very nice site you have there. All my best wishes. Martin
Martin Stübs
Effretikon, ZH Switzerland - Wednesday, April 09, 1997 at 03:35:19 (EDT)