John Pike Mander

John became Managing Director of Mander Organs on the retirement of his father in 1983. He served his apprenticeship with Rudolf von Beckerath of Hamburg from 1968, completing this early in 1972. He remained with von Beckerath until late 1973 to further his experience in voicing and organ design, culminating in the design of the Choir Organ in the Petri Kirche in Hamburg. Following his return to London after five fruitful years in Hamburg, he worked in the drawing office where he was responsible for the conception and design of a number of instruments. In 1979 he directed the historic reconstruction of the early 18th century organ at Pembroke College, Cambridge, spending many hours in painstaking research into the history of the instrument whilst further enhancing the standards of organ restoration.

In 1980 he returned to Germany to prepare for the German Master Organ Builder's examinations, which he completed in that year, making him one of the handful of builders with that qualification outside of Germany. As Managing Director, he still takes an active part in the conception and realisation of the firm's work. Almost invariably he takes an active part in the tonal finishing of instruments and in the final adjustments of the mechanical aspects of the organ, frequently visiting the instruments all over the world to carry out routine tuning and maintenance himself. He is a founder member of the Institute of British Organ Building and if often called to lecture on a wide variety of topics associated with the craft, as well as being called upon to advise on unequal temperaments, of which he has made a special study. He is currently the President of the International Society of Organ Builders.

Michael Blighton

Michael has been with Mander Organs since 1980 and most of this time has been spent in the voicing shop. He is well versed in the techniques of both reed and flue voicing and over the years has acquired considerable experience in a variety of tonal styles through his work with the musicians who are our customers. His meticulous care and attention to detail are evident as much in the matching of new pipework to old in the field of restoration, as in the creation of new instruments. He was entirely responsible for the tonal work carried out during the refurbishment of the organ at the Royal Albert Hall as well as that of the St Paul's Cathedral organ, including the provision of five new high pressure reeds for the instrument's Dome Section.

Michael is has served on the board of the Institute of British Organ Building.

Aidan Nutter

Aidan trained as an architect and worked in the profession for many years, which lends the firm useful experience outside the field of organ building in both technical design and the design of organ cases. In 1993, he joined Walker Organs at the height of its ascendancy, where his skills as an architect were developed to be appropriate to organ building. In 1997 he moved to London to join Mander Organs, where he now does all of our design work. He is also involved in our restoration work in carrying out research, as well as the design of new components for restored organ where these have been lost.

Office Staff

A smooth running administration is essential for the efficient running of any business. Shaj Mian is our Company Secretary who keeps a sharp eye on financial matters in the company.

Rest of Staff

The remaining staff at Mander Organs encompasses a wide range of skills, permitting us to carry out every aspect in the diverse art of building pipe organs Some of them have gained experience by working in other companies and some have trained with Mander Organs and been with the company for many years.

Siegfried Auer General organ builder (joined 1998) Nicholas Von Bandemer General organ builder (joined 1995 Jeanette Ellerbeck Our important tea maker (joined 2004) Billy Gleed General organ builder (joined 2010) Roger Kirchner Pipe maker (joined 2009) Santiago Muñoz Barbosa General organ builder (joined 1999) Ulrike Schmidt General organ builder (joined 2014) Filip Serbu General organ builder (joined 2015) Philip Shrimpton Organ building apprentice (joined 2008)





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